A Shout Out to My Brother

Whenever Coastie Brother travels, he thinks of me. I like to think it's because he loves me & wishes I were with him. The truth is more like he wants me to know the oh the many places he's been and I have not. ;) Nah, he wouldn't do that! Right, Coastie Bro? Right?!

The first thing he ever got me was this cat figurine from Africa. The lucky duck got to go on a safari when he went to port there while in the Navy.

When he enlisted in the Coast Guard, he started adding spoons to my spoon collection. I have some spoons that I'll never get on my own. My latest addition arrived yesterday. Yay me!
Thank you, Brother of mine! I treasure my goodies!


Patois said...

You know that the kokopelli is a fertility deity, right? Is he trying to tell you something?

littletoesandcheerios said...

It's so good that you and your brother are close and keep in touch as adults.

I'm close with my brother as well and got to see him today. :) (he lives about an hour away & he works a lot)

Bubba's Sis said...

That Coastie Bro is such a swell guy! He even got ME a spoon once!

(You can send me spoons from your travels anytime, C.B.)


forgetfulone said...

What a sweet brother. Yes, he's definitely thinking of you!

Misty Dawn said...

He just wants you to blog about how great he is ;-) just kiddin - we know he's a great bro!

coastie bro said...

misty dawn you might be right, but i was buying spoons before the blogging. Sis you might be right on both accounts. bubba sis i did think about it, but i was strapped for cash at the time. but i did have two in my hands i just did not have the cash. maybe next time, when i go over seas for sure.

sis i forgot about the cat.

no i do not want to be an uncle again. it was all they had.