Now *this* is quality entertainment ;)

My spoon collection of my family's (and Coastie Brother's) travels finally has a home! After being fussed at, ahem Coastie Brother, I found the perfect spoon display case as a birthday present from Mom. Two months later, I organized it. I already need a new one as not all of them fit!
And don't these shoes just scream my name? I heart them!


Melissa said...

they are definitely cute shoes!

Bubba's Sis said...

WAY cute shoes! Not that I'm a shoe person or anything. I personally can't stand shoes. But they are cute for you.

I've given you a cool award! Check my blog for details!

coastie bro said...

omg counrty gilr shoes. but for reall i was in the store the other day and allmost bought you a pair of shoes. they were VANS slide on. white with flamigoes all over it


coastie bro said...

my eyes have just seen the most wonderfull thing. i have waited YEARS for this day. i am in so much disbelief. the day has come. will the earth stop moving now. it isnt going to mess up the rotation of earth is it? i am glad to see it.

i guess i have ot look harder for a cuba one now?

Anonymous said...

Oh my! I would LOVE those shoes!! Pink Flamingo shoes. Too cute!

So far the world is still spinning, but I am afraid to go to sleep tonight. I knew you'd be happy. All those lovely spoons you have given me are happy also. Oh! I have a Guam and Japan spoon too. I didn't realize that. And a Mexico spoon without the spoon part. Weird. I guess it broke at some point in my life. So, yes, keep looking for that elusive spoon. Kuwait is lonely for it.

Bubba's Sis said...

I want a Cuba spoon.

And pink flamingo shoes (even tho I don't like shoes). I'm a size 5.


coastie bro said...

wow it looks like i am al bundy now. buying shoes for all sorts of females. you see bubba sis is smart she said she wants a pair and gave me her shoe size. now d... if i don t know your shirt size what makes you think i know your shoe size?

i thought i gave you more than a kuwait one from overseas? did i not get you one from irland and england? i htough ti saw it in there but i ma not sure the pic onli enlarges so much. Yes i did enlarge it, i could not believe you had that many just sitting around and i want to make sure that ws your spoons and not someones elses. ha ha

you might have to settle for a thimble that hangs like a spoon.

babba sis if you have a collection of spoon too i will get you one also. just for thanks for keeping me so dang gone entertained with reading this stuff.

Anonymous said...

I'm embarrassed to give my shoe size! I have boat feet (for my height). Ok, ok, if there's a chance of getting the shoes, size 7 would work best. I can wear 6½ but without trying on the shoe, 7 would be better.

Thimble that hangs like a spoon will work. How funny that you enlarged the pic! I figured you would! Those were MY spoons not some generic catalog picture. I have Kuwait, England, London, Italy, and Coast Guard. No Ireland. :(

Bubba's Sis said...

I DO have a spoon collection! :-)

And you are more than welcome for keeping you entertained. Anything I can do. A bro of D is a bro of mine. But are you as cute as Adam? ;-)

Anonymous said...

ICK, Bubba's Sis!!

coastie bro said...

personally i have the older charming look as Adam has the younger look.

Anonymous said...

Older charming look.....hmm....definitely older. ;) No, no, you do charm the ladies. They all just giggle when you are around.

BTW, don't let Bubba's Sis fool you. She might not like to WEAR shoes, but she does love cute shoes.