To the Man Who Made Me Bitter These Past 4 Months

Dear Coach,

I just want to let you know how thrilled I am that baseball season is now officially over. It's equal to the thrill of knowing that YOU are the one who cost the boys their last game. What an ego you must have to not see that we didn't have a strong enough lead. Of course, there's a chance the game could be lost. But, oh no, your ego already had the game won. While I'm glad they ultimately lost, I hate the way they lost. Winning for the entire game until the opposing team's last at bat. When you saw the struggle, you didn't use your manager skills to rearrange things.

But, that's how the whole season has gone, right? You have excellent players and didn't use them to benefit the team. Well, your favorites you did. And, of course, your son. Your son who only wants to catch so he doesn't have to stand up. While you have players who love the game languishing on the bench.

I just have to ask. Why did you want Bear so bad if all you were going to use him for is a bench warmer (& why on earth did you not rotate fairly)? Is it truly a petty revenge thing? Do you truly not see his potential? Or, even though we were losing games, you thought "Why fix what is so obviously broken?" Why, when Bear got his bat working, did you move him to the bottom of the batting rotation?

It kills me to hear my child utter, "I guess coach really does think I'm horrible," when you move players around except for him. Yes, I am thrilled baseball is over. But, I thank you for the life lessons we have been able to teach Bear. Some coaches, for whatever reason, will not like you, we've told him. It's up to YOU on how you react. You can strive to always do your absolute best with what you are given. Or, you can give up. I am so proud of Bear that he did not give up. When he got to play, he always ran out to his position. He didn't walk like he didn't want to be in the outfield He ran. He tried his level best to make each time at bat count for something. He was even willing to sacrifice to bring in a runner. He is a team player.

Yes, you might have tried to kick him down. But, you didn't kick him out. Bear might have lost a year of learning & improving baseball skills, but he didn't lose his love. The year was not a total wash out. He starting consistently batting (thanks to his papa not YOU). He also grabbed the eye of an old coach. For that, I am glad you grabbed Bear for the team. See, she's been watching Bear and she sees his potential & worth. She's going to work with Bear this winter and recruit him next year to the next level.

I hope you got your jollies with Bear this season. You will never have Bear on your team again. That I can promise you.

Doing the Happy Dance that my Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays, & Saturdays are my own again,
Bear's Mama


Jamie Dawn said...

This was a good idea to get it all out and write it down. You really helped Bear handle this bad situation the best way possible. I am glad the season is over too, also, as well, in addition!!!!
Work hard, Bear, and go get 'em next year. It seems you may have more maturity than your coach. Hopefully, you will enjoy the game much more next year. You did good by hanging in there and trying to keep a good attitude.

Melissa said...

Woah! What a letter! Good job venting your feelings. I'm assuming that you are NOT giving this to the coach... however I can't blame you if you do! What a dufus! Bear is such a great kid and loves baseball so much that he'll never lose his passion for the game. The values you have taught him are amazing. As I have always said, you are a FABULOUS mother!

Bubba's Sis said...

P.S. Coach, you're a jackass.

Bear's Other Mama

Bubba's Mom said...

As the mother of a son who played sports, I can totally appreciate your feelings about this coach. It's a shame that ego has to get in the way of giving a child a lot of experience in life, as well as improving his skills on the playing field. I've said for years that if women/moms ran Little League, they wouldn't have half the trouble they do now. But, sweet D, don't under estimate your Bear. He learned a lot over this "disastrous" season - and he will rise above it. Yes, it's hard to see our little boys have to be toughened up in this low class way, but they benefit from it in the long run. Bear will be OK - as a baseball player who loves the game, and as a young man who learns life lessons, even though it has to be the hard way sometimes. Put it behind you - there's always next year!

Kim said...

Oh I do hope that you sent it to him. I would love to see the look on his face as he read it.

Glad that you kept it all positive for Bear and that he really did learn some life lessons. And that he didn't lose the love of the game.

I'm also happy to hear that there is another coach out there that sees his talent and is willing to work with him.

Things really do work out in the end as long as you let them.

Great way to vent your feelings too. Loved the letter.

Stacey said...

Darlin, my coal bucket is filled, heated, and ready to roll...I just need to swing through the Ozarks, grab my JenGi and we'll be down. xoxoxo

Jenny 865-53oh9 said...

I'm ready! Let's get the coal-heapin' done!

Your a great mama, D. Bear is learning a valuable that I wish I had learned at a younger age. Can't wait to hear how next season plays out.

Patois said...

In our league, we rate the coaches at the end of the year. Two years ago, my then-9-year-old son had a horrible, mean bastard for a coach. Enough of us wrote about him that he's no longer allowed to coach.

D... said...

I love the idea of rating the coaches, Patois. I should suggest that to our league. However, then we might not have enough coaches. Heh.

I'm sorry that it happened to your son, too. I guess it's a rite of passage, unfortunately. Good for ya'll for making sure he doesn't coach again.