10 Things I Like About My Job

I am much more comfortable with this week's Ten on Tuesday than last week's topic. I am very fortunate to have the job that I have. Not just because it allows me to be home when the kids are home, but also because of who I get to work with. Kids, faculty/staff, and the subs. I've met a lot of great people. I could say more than 10 things. But, here are the top ten:

  1. The kids

  2. The hugs

  3. The hours (although it wouldn't hurt my feelings if started an hour or so later)

  4. The vacation time

  5. Working the hours my kids are in school and being off, for the most part, when they are

  6. Seeing a child's face when what I'm telling them clicks in their brain

  7. Seeing my child unexpectedly in the hallway

  8. Having someone who understands, who I can vent to, & trust that it will go no further

  9. The gifts which are always unexpected to me and always make my heart sing

  10. I'm not perfect, I have a lot to learn, but just knowing that I have something to offer the kids is very rewarding. I am able to look past what they can't do and be excited about what they can do. I truly love them and sometimes, school's the only love they get in a day.


Bubba's Sis said...

You are an amazing woman to do the job you do! I admire you so much!

Anonymous said...

I completely agree with bubba's sis! Well put! I might add that my little one gets a joy out of seeing YOU in the hallway too! Know that you bring happiness to lots of kids everyday, even if you don't realize it at the time!


coastie bro said...

yes i have to agree with the above ppl.

1. the travel
2. the honor
3. the friendship
4. doing something with a purpose
5. get paid to shoot weapons. from pistols to heavey machine guns is always a good day.

i can not think of 10 things i love about my job. but the 5 i did come up with so makes me job bearable. i really can t think of any for my other job.

D... said...

Ya'll give we waaaay too much credit! But I thank ya'll.

Bubba's Sis, sniff!!

Lisa, that is so sweet. Thank you for telling me. Starting next week, your little one will see me every day in his classroom! Hopefully the schedule doesn't change because I'm looking forward to it.

Coastie Bro, thank YOU for YOUR job. And I know that #5 is your favorite part. ;)

Patois said...

What a great list. How blessed you are, indeed. #7 was quite heartwarming.

Stacey said...

Number ten is what makes you an amazingly compassionate and wonderful person. I'm moving to Texas, get ready! (not really, don't get ready--I don't look good in moss, which is what y'all have GOT to be wearing by now)xoxo

Library Girl said...

And the people said "Amen!" How could I forget the hugs?! =)