From the Minds of Lamb & Bear

This has been an insane week from getting adjusted to not being able to fix schedules to transportation changes to unhappy coworkers/students. And Big D locking himself out of the house on his way to pick up Lamb was a fitting end. I was about halfway home when he frantically called me so I could turn around to get her. I think Bear was the only one of us to have a spectacular first week.

Interestingly enough, both kids & I had to write "I am" poems about ourselves in Language Arts class. I was quite impressed with theirs so indulge me while I share. First up is Lamb, 8th grade.

I am a creative girl who loves to act
I wonder how hard it is to get a part
I hear the thunderous applause as I take a bow
I see my brother handing me a dozen roses
I want to star in a movie or on Broadway
I am a creative girl who loves to act

I pretend that all the world's a stage
I feel the make-up caking against my skin
I touch the pen as I sign autographs
I worry that I'll have to pursue another career
I cry when something bad happens to a character
I am a creative girl who loves to act

I understand that there is rejection
I say that you have to aim high and dream big
I dream that my name will be in lights
I try to prepare myself the best I can
I hope to star on Broadway
I am a creative girl who loves to act

And now it's 4th grade Bear's turn:

I am funny and smart.
I wonder if we are going to discover another planet.
I hear an airplane rush by.
I see the Golden Gate Bridge.
I want a Wii.
I am funny and smart.

I pretend that I'm a spy.
I feel the wind on my face.
I touch the water.
I worry about the world.
I cry when my mom gets mad at me.
I am funny and smart.

I understand that Australia is down under.
I say God is real.
I dream to become a MLB player.
I try my best at baseball.
I hope all the poor people get money.
I am funny and smart.


Bubba's Sis said...

VERY impressive! Those are some talented and creative kids you've got there.

Glad Bear got in that he wants a Wii. Oh yeah - and money for the poor people. ;-)

D... said...

I think Bear learned his lesson from last year's "My wish for the world is for everyone to own a X-Box 360" while everyone else wanted an end to war, hunger, abuse, etc....

Thank you. I was more impressed with Lamb's poem (shhh.....). Bear's was cute tho!

coastie bro said...

what is wrong with the boy wanting a x box 360. he should not be thinking about the world just yet. he is way to young to be worried about that. be a kid while you can.

for what it is worth Lamb is already a star in my book. she doesn t need to have broadway fame in my world. it is a good poem. she has skillz.

D... said...

You are right, he needs to remain a kid. It was just funny reading his wish next to the other 3rd grade wishes. It just shows that he has a good life and doesn't know about all the trials & tribulations out there.

It's worth a lot. Thank you. And a heartfelt thank you from Lamb too. You are a great uncle.

Jeremy, Shonda, Mitchell & Mason said...

She is definatly your child - dreaming about Broadway! Do you remember when you tricked me into trying out for Wizard of Oz at your church? I had to sing solo and I believe that it is still the most embarrassing moment of my life!!

D... said...

She sings better than I do! Hey! I don't remember tricking you! Singing solo scarred me too, if it's any consolation. I was just talking about our Wizard of Oz days and how we dressed punk. Shocked our little town!