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Exactly 13 years ago when Lamb was 3 months old, Big D started working nights. While it was hard keeping her (& eventually Bear) quiet during the day, it was never too much of a hardship. I didn't work and the kids weren't in school so we had plenty of time together. For the past 2 years, his company has been teasing him with a day shift. They'll give it to him for a few months and then take it way for even more months. Such a thing happened to him at the beginning of summer. Since he's had a taste of days, it makes it that much more painful for him to work nights again. Add to the fact that with all 4 of our schedules, once school starts there will be no family time. Bear & I will get home roughly at 4pm. Big D will pick up Lamb from school and they'll get home at 4:30pm. Then he'll be out the door for work at 5pm. So, of course, I've been lamenting the end of summer. And, of course, I haven't gotten any sympathy from Big D because of my 3 month vacation.
I drowsily awoke this morning. Got myself ready in the quiet house and left for my first day back (kids have until Monday). I open the car door and have this waiting for me:
That was the highlight of my day!
I won't mention that it went steadily downhill from there when the car wouldn't start due to a dead battery.
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Stacey said...

I have goosebumps, this is so good. Pretty sure you are the lucky here! (even with dead battery)

You are clearly an amazing wife and this is one very lucky man. I'm praying for you today, D, that your day is a good one. Sorry I've been AWOL on you, I get started on my list and get distracted with homeschool and never come back. I'll do better because clearly I missed some good things! xoxo

coastie bro said...


Anonymous said...

He's such a keeper!! Hope next week goes more smoothly!