Conversation with Bear

As I mentioned, this year Bear has my old partner in crime for his 4th grade teacher. Because she is Special Ed certified, she gets (quite happily) the Special Ed kids in her classroom. This year, she has the Inclusion kiddies rather than the Resource ones. That also means she needs support staff in her room. That is me this year. At first we thought I'd be in there all day with her. Sadly, that is not the case, but I am in there for an hour for Science & Social Studies.

Today, Bear was calling me "Mama" to get my attention. I told him that maybe he shouldn't call me that in the classroom. He asked, "Should I call you Mother?". Love that kid! We also decided that Mrs. H wasn't a good idea either. He'll call me Mrs. H****** instead. It'll be weird but I think that it'll be for the best.


Bubba's Sis said...

That'll be hard for him to remember not to call you Mama! But at least he's not calling you Babycakes in the classroom.

Stacey said...

Oooh I'm not sure Alex can do it. You haveta keep us updated on that, lol. How wonderful it is that you get to spend time in his classroom this year. :)

Melissa said...

I love your son! Bubba's Sis is right... it would be hilarious if he called you Babycakes! I'm sure that it will be wierd to get used to, but you guys can do it!