10 Things I'll Never Do Again

This week's Ten on Tuesday is all about things I'll never do again. Kinda hard as I really haven't done all that much in my life that I regret. Plus, you know what they say about never say never. And there are things I'd like to think I will never do again, but I know better. I'll give it a try though.

I will never again:

  1. go on a hurricane evacuation with the rest of Houston's population
  2. go to a travel agency school that is also a school for a/c repair
  3. eat/drink a dairy product that has soft serve ice cream in it
  4. eat Hamburger Helper's Chicken Fried Rice meal
  5. watch the movie Showgirls willingly
  6. read a new Anne George Southern Sisters mystery
  7. be friends with someone who I listen/help her til 3am but she won't for me
  8. move to a new state/city without checking it out 1st
  9. take live starfish from the ocean
  10. not realize that God has had His hand in my life & I'm thankful for what He's done


Bubba's Sis said...

Looks like we'll be hunkering down somewhere together to ride out the next hurricane because your #1 is on my list, too! That was too horrible - Never. Again.

Stacey said...

D--number 7: that's the worst and pretty sure I'm right with ya!

Number 10: It's all about Him, I struggle daily to remember I am not more clever than He is!

You are right, Alex will be extra sweet Wednesday! I know I'M up typing late--what're you doing up this late? xoxo

Library Girl said...

Showgirls?! Yikes. LOL! And I'm with you on #1.. I didn't go last time, and I won't go next time! Happy Tuesday!

Julie said...

Amen to number 5! :)

coastie bro said...

i hate ot say it but i think i agree with every single one of your top ten. some of them i can not relate to but i can figure that suck. hurrican evac is the worst thing i have ever done too. I thought NOLA was bad so i know Houston was worse. bsides your number ten i cant think of anything i wouldn t do again (or at least type it) everythingi have done has made me into the WONDERFUL person i ma and i do nto regret anything.

coastie bro said...

oooh oooh mr carter!

i though tof one.

I WILL NEVER EVER AGAIN EAT THAT THING CALLED LAGUNA NOT TO BE MISTAKEN FOR LAZAGNA. yea you know what i mean. if not ask someone who does. if you had it you will never forget it. i have had some bad meals in my life but this one was pretty bad.

D... said...

No kidding, Coastie Bro, I *almost* put that in my top ten list. But I knew you'd be the only one who got it. What's also funny is that Big D & I were just talking about this weekend. I hope that's not an omen.