There's No Need To Fear, Ty Is Here

Hubby grew up with dogs. He always knew that he wanted a dog for a pet. However, we spent the 1st 10 years of our marriage in an apartment. Hubby had to wait. He never wanted a dog in an apartment. The minute we moved in our house, he started researching the type of dog we should get. I wanted a black miniature schnauzer named Rhett. Big D had other thoughts. The requirements were good with children, big, smart, and well, good with children. Obviously that was a huge one. We narrowed it down and finally decided on a Belgian Malinois because there was one in Tyler, Texas at the Malinois Rescue Society. Belgian Malinois you ask? Think German Shepherd (but he's not, Bubba's Sis) or coyote. You can very much tell that something has happened in his life. He is such a sweet, good dog. Yet, he has quirks. He is so afraid of thunder (so much so that it feels like we have a quarter slot in our bed when it storms because he puts his front paws on Big D's side and his whole body is shaking) and he's afraid of fireworks. Raise your hand (innocently on our parts) and he cowers. Shake open a bag and he runs off.

Despite all his quirks, he is good for us. He herds the kids. That can also be a problem at times. He can't stand when they go play in the front. He'll pace & whine until they are safe inside again. When Lamb was in 6th grade, we had to kennel him during the days. Lamb's school started after Bear & I had to be at school. So, she rode the bus. It tore my heart out to leave her at home and pray that she made it to school safely. It tore Ty's heart out too. He destroyed our mini-blinds several times and our door frame once. He couldn't stand to see her walk down the street by herself. So, to protect the house, into the kennel he went. Surprisingly, he always allowed Lamb to do that before she left. Luckily, a good friend of ours moved to the neighborhood and we carpool now. Ty is ok with that.

When we had to evacuate for Hurricane Rita, we took Ty with us. He was wonderful. He rode in my mom's car and she said as long as we were close enough to smell us, he was fine. The minute we got too far ahead, he became nervous. At my grandparents' house where we stayed, he was the epitome of the perfect pet. We were very proud of him.

Now, if you ask Cleo, you'll get another side of Ty. But we won't ask her. He doesn't let her play or run around so of course she doesn't like him much.

All of this long winded prologue to get to our evening's excitement:
When the kids are in the backyard, Ty is fine. I guess he realizes it's enclosed and they are pretty safe. The kids were out playing tonight when Coastie Niece comes in to tell us that a small dog is in our backyard. To most that would seem an odd statement. However, I have the knowledge that our rear neighbors have knocked out a couple of the boards in the fence. I went out to investigate and Ty followed. He immediately zeroed in on the dog, thought DANGER!, and took off after him. I was trying to get Ty to return to me and the kids, thinking they were helping, all started yelling too. It confused poor Ty but he ran to the other side of the yard. By that time, my mom & brother came out to see what all the yelling was about. Ty then went after the dog and cornered him on the side of the house where none of us could see. I got the kids to stop yelling, called Ty, and he came over to where I was standing. I was no dummy. I was not going to chase him or go between the dog & him. I was then able to get him inside. The other dog was fine and we gently pushed him through his fence. Our neighbors, thinking it would keep the dog in, stacked bricks by the gaping hole. All they did was give the doggie a step ladder into our yard. I'm thinking he won't try trespassing again. But, poor Ty was a nervous wreck until the kids came inside again. And, Cleo, not be outdone, attacked my brother's shoes as he went walking out the door. Good girl!

Why do these things always happen when Big D is at work?


Bubba's Sis said...

Ty saves the day!!! Or at least saves the kids from that little dog. Good boy, Ty! Good boy!

Oh - you're good, too, Cleo....

coastie bro said...

i would say mangy cat but not this time.

yes you got to love dogs. i can t wait to get a house sop I can get Roscoe back. i sure do miss my Roscoe. i wish he was here now. did i tell you we think he is a Argintino Dogo. a rare and expensive breed. i did lot of study to find out. weeks of on line reading sending e mails posting picks. that was a fun couple of weeks.


GO TY GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dog Power All the Way

D... said...

No, you didn't tell me that. How cool!! I can't wait to meet Roscoe.
When you come home, you'll get him back, right? Or are you waiting til you get a house? Where is he? I was thinking he was with your lady love til Mom mentioned some one was keeping him for you.

And, yes, I figure Cleo knew what she was doing. ;)

Stacey said...

D, can I be on the list of adoptive parents for Ty if you, you off to DisneyWorld or something? He's beautiful. I think Ty & Louie would be quick friends! xoxo

Bubba's Sis said...

No, Ty would be scared of Louie. He looks scary, but he's a big baby. And shhhh....don't tell anyone, but he's a GERMAN SHEPHERD!