I've talked a lot about rain this summer. Last October, we had so much rain so fast that even our street had some flooding one night. The next morning on the way to school, we noticed all these spiderwebs in our little tree. Driving to school, we noticed hundreds of spiderwebs in the most unusual spots glistening in the morning sun with the rain droplets hovering all around. It was so surreal. I figured it was the spider version of hurricane evacuation.

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coastie bro said...

that is so cool.

i used to have to drive to the end of earth in LA. going ot no man land. Between the power lines and on the fences there would be nothing but spider webs covering the space between the lines and fences. it is truely one of the most beautifull things i have ever seen in my life. i always wanted to take a camera, but never did. i ma glad to a picture just would not be the same as my memory

D... said...

Yes, that's the way it looked that morning too. I too wished I had a camera, but, you are right. There is no way a camera would have done it justice. Even this picture doesn't fully express how neat the tree looked.