Girl Power!

Lamb loves to read and she loves books. We have so many books, we don't have room for them all. She had them stacked in rows against her wall. Finally, we bought her a 5 shelf book shelf to go with her 3 shelf one. She has a postage stamp sized room. Teeny Tiny it is. And she has this HUGE loft bed that takes up about ½ of the room. So, there isn't much room for other furniture. But, she found a spot that was nixed by her daddy because she wouldn't be able to open the drawers on her loft bed. After he left for work, I decided that we'd go ahead, find a spot, & move the bookshelf into her room. Lamb & I worked her little chest of drawers over to the spot she initially wanted her bookshelf. Checked. Yep, her loft drawers will open all the way. Then we struggled moved the shelf into her room. Yep, fits perfectly. We were so proud of ourselves!

Then Bear walks in. Puts his hand on his hips and says, "You know, the trundle won't pull out now."
"Sure it will," I say. "See, the shelf isn't as wide out as the drawers so the bed has plenty of room."
"Babycakes, the drawers are in the way, not the bookshelf."

I look. Yep, the drawers prevent the trundle from pulling out. Dang it.


coastie bro said...

woman should always listen to man

Melissa said...

babycakes... ;)

Anonymous said...

If I had a dime for every time I did something like this I'd be, well, very well off! Probably shouldn't admit that kind of thing.