10 Songs That Bring Back Memories

This might be a little hard. There are several that I could pick. I tried not to make all 10 about Big D! I definitely have more than 10 songs that bring back memories of us. Looking at my list, you can tell I am one of the original MTV generation girls. A few of my memories totally come from the videos too.
In random order, here are 10 songs that bring back memories for me.

  1. Fat Bottomed Girls - Queen: I really don't even know how this song came about for me. What I do know is that whenever my dad, brother, or husband hear it, they all let me know. My dad used to play it when I was young, and it would drive me crazy. I.Do.Not.Have.A.Fat.Bottom. My dad has since told me that he never once played it because of my bottom but because he loved seeing me get all riled up.

  2. Punk Rock Girl - Dead Milkmen: When Big D & I were dating, this song came on MTV all the time. We both really liked it so it soon became one of 'our' songs.

  3. Take on Me - Aha: I remember this song playing on the radio while Shonda & I were riding around with these 2 guys from church. I just remember the 4 of us, but there must have been more because I was sitting on one of the guys' laps in the front seat. Obviously this was before the seatbelt laws. I'm a good girl and always wear my seatbelt now. ;)

  4. Just Like Heaven - The Cure: Newly dating, Big D & I would go to his friend's house and they'd play this song on guitar. I was pretty sure it was the only song Big D knew how to play but I still thought it was pretty cool.

  5. Come Monday - Jimmy Buffet: When I was 5, we lived on a horse ranch (I think) in Corpus Christi, TX. I remember riding the horses & singing songs with my dad. He'd sing a line, then I would sing.

  6. My Hump - Black Eyed Peas: Yes, I know this is awful. Truly I do. But you haven't seen funny til you've seen Bear sing this.

  7. Up Where We Belong - Joe Cocker & Jennifer Warnes: First song I slow danced with a boy.

  8. Time Warp - Rocky Horror Picture Show: Like Lamb, I was also into drama. My junior year, we lived right outside of Boston. This was my 1st experience with drama fests. While waiting for our results, someone started playing music. When Time Warp came on, most of us jumped up on stage to dance. I was one of them while my best friend, a boy who had a crush on me, hung back smiling and laughing.

  9. Runaway - Bon Jovi: Who is this FINE guy playing on my MTV? Ohhhh, it's Jon Bon Jovi....SCREAM!!!!! Summer of 1984. A very different & eventful summer for me.

  10. The Beatles - I know this isn't a song, but this cassette holds memories for me. Big D & I had only been dating for a few months when we went to Oklahoma City to introduce him to my mom & 4 yr. old brother. For the trip, he bought a Beatles Greatest Hits cassette. The night we got there, Coastie Bro, Big D, & I went riding around, showing Big D the sights. He drove a Mazda RX7 so there wasn't a backseat. I sat on the armrest thingy between the 2 guys, singing my heart out to the Beatles. Have I mentioned I can't sing? I sing just beautifully by myself or in the shower. I must get 'stage fright' around other people. Coastie Bro finally said: "Do you know every single word to every single song???? Is there NOT a song you don't want to sing???? Please?!" I just kept on singing. After our fun weekend, I was sad to be leaving. We got in the car, got down the road a little ways, when Big D put in the Beatles cassette. He told me: "You can sing if you want to." I knew right then that he was a keeper.


Bubba's Sis said...

Bon Jovi (swoon) is on my list, too! And we both did links! We're soooo cool.

Bubba's Sis said...

And I'm sorry, but Fat Bottomed Girls always makes me think of you, NOT because you have a fat bottom, because you DON'T, but because you have told me this story and now I can't forget your brother teasing you about this song.

Patois said...

And now it enters the annals of the Internet; forever more you'll be linked in my mind (and in others' minds) with Fat Bottomed Girls. I suppose there are worse things to be "famous" for.

D... said...

Hey, Patois, at least I'm being thought of! ;)

Melissa said...

My Hump makes me think of Andrea. Do you remember that time in the bathroom? Nothing else needs to be said...

coastie bro said...

i am the happiest person in the world right now. only one thing can make this day better adn that would be if the SONG was on right now. Yes d.... you put the best song for number one! I love how when i call and ask u guess what iheard today you let out that moan of displeasure. man i wish i had that song on my ipod.

o on a sad note. i do not remember the Beatles in OKC. But i sure do remember Queen.

Misty Dawn said...

Oh crap!!! You just made me realize that I forgot to do Ten on Tuesday!!! Man! I had it all planned out and everything (Jon Bon would be visiting my list too)... bummer. I'm such a moron.

Loved your list though. And, I'm sure - absolutely sure - that you do NOT have a fat bottom ;-)
Love ya D!

D... said...

Melissa, how could I ever forget Andrea in the bathroom! Never! Funny you should mention her. Someone saw her on the news the other night. No, no, not for that. ;) She & her sister were part of the screaming mob at the Hannah Montana concert. Yep, there was money for *that*.

Coastie Bro, I still am surprised it's not on your ipod. Really. I don't own it either. :P About the Beatles, isn't it funny how the same situation causes different memories? That's clear as a bell to me.

Misty Dawn, I may not have a fat bottom, but Baby Got Back! ;)

Stacey said...

Take On Me--that's the bomb girl! I loved that song; glad you told the story, now I'm certain you have an ornery side, in a church-girl kind of way, of course. Ahemm....D, thanks for being in on this and I shall tell Ethan you want a shirt, give me sizes and email me your address. I cant remember if I mailed the CD to you or BS, but I don't have anyones address but Coffee Mom's for some reason. xoxo Shirt with Sharpie will be in TX next week. Yeee hawwwww!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bubba's Sis said...

Hey, I thought I got the shirt first!

I have Fat Bottomed Girls on my mp3 player! :-P

coastie bro said...

good email me the song then please

Stacey said...

D, I'm a philosophical girl and stuff. You knew that, right?!! Muahahahahahaha!

I'm fine, Mr. Pride aside, I'm fine, but I am going to the Dr. tomorrow. Just for fun, mind you. (hurts like nothin else!) xoxo