This was taken at a baseball (Yankees) game in May. It was soooo hot that day. We walked for miles to get to the stadium thinking we would be in some shade. We thought wrong. Our seats were on bleachers with the sun beating directly on top of us. We ended up standing against the wall fighting for the little sliver of shade it provided. Lamb, who doesn't do well in heat, was not amused.

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coastie bro said...

poor thing. i do not like the heat either. i would be very unhappy also. dragging me to some stupid baseball game and having to sit in the sun is not the way i like to spend my time off.

Misty Dawn said...

Poor girl. I hope she wasn't too miserable!

Stacey said...

Lamb, come up to Missouri--Miss Stacey does NOT do heat, you can live with her in perpetual air conditioning. Forever! What a cutie petutie pic this is, D!

D... said...

Misty Dawn, she *was* too miserable. I was too. It was AWFUL. Worst game experience ever.

Stacey, Lamb says she's all about air conditioning forever!