Ten on Tuesday

I'm making up my own list this week. I'm on vacation this week and I should be getting the house ready for Thanksgiving. And, really, just a good cleaning since I finally have the time. However, I am on vacation so who wants to do all that dull & boring stuff? Here's what I'm doing instead:

  1. Fixing my music tags

  2. Watching television (I do that way too much now that Big D is back to working nights)

  3. Reading

  4. Staying up and sleeping late

  5. Gathering my thoughts about Christmas presents

  6. Sitting at the computer

  7. Preparing for my book club meeting

  8. Refereeing the kids

  9. Uploading pictures

  10. Hanging out with Big D (a rare treat on weekdays)


Melissa said...

SSSOOOO jealous that you are off the entire week! We only get Thursday and Friday :(
(Thanks for letting me whine!)

Misty Dawn said...

Sure sounds like a heck of a lot better than cleaning!

Bubba's Sis said...

All much better than cleaning. There's always tomorrow for that...

Stacey said...

Clean. I vote for cleaning. Am I the only one?

D... said...

Yes, Stacey, you are the only one. :P

Patois said...

She's so the only one. Why doesn't she drop in and clean for you. Go back to your referee job.

coastie bro said...

so thinking of your poor lil brother is not part of your vaction. i think of u on my vaction

i even go out of my way for you on my vactions. man i am so sad