Ten on Tuesday

This week's 10 on Tuesday is a list of the best games. We are a game playing family so this was fun to do. :)

  1. UNO - this is the game of my childhood. I have very fond memories of sitting around playing with my large family.

  2. Life - this is a game that my kids love to play

  3. Monopoly - another game I grew up with and now the kids are too

  4. Spades - love to play! When we play with the Bubba's Sis Family, Bubba's Sis and I are always partners. And we are undefeated!! I'm not sure if it's because we are *that* good or because Bubba's Brother-In-Law has Big D for a partner. ;)

  5. Gin - my favorite card game to play on the computer

  6. Trivial Pursuit - Big D thinks I sit at home and cheat by looking at the cards. I bet Coastie Brother agrees (I remember many a fit thrown). It's not true.

  7. Mexican Train - another great game to play with my family

  8. Skip-Bo - about the only card game that Big D will enjoy playing with us

  9. Solitaire - my Grandmother taught me with real cards. Now I mostly play on the computer. But, every now & again, I'll pull out my special Vegas deck of cards and play.

  10. The Penny Game - this is a made up game. My dad lived about 3 hours from us. When he'd pick us up for a visit, he'd give us some pennies. Sometimes we'd play who could guess the song on the radio the fastest. Sometimes he'd throw out trivia questions. If you got the answer right, you kept the penny. If you got it wrong, you gave up a penny.


Misty Dawn said...

Ohhhhh I totally forgot about UNO!!! I STILL love UNO!

Melissa said...

Bear is just crazy with Mexican Train! That was fun last year!

Patois said...

I love your #10. I've found the made-up games are the ones we have the most fun with.

Stacey said...

I like The Penny Game, D, I think it's great! I need to play. Maybe make it a dime though. Inflaction!

I used to play Mexican Train with my baby sister all the time--I miss that. Maybe someday in the near future, idk, she's coming around!

I enjoy most of those games you mentioned but my all time favorite is Payday! My kids loved Payday--and I can't find it now.

D, you're invited to come up and join GiGi and I any time any day. Come next week, see culture and lights! And see my clean fridge! xoxo

One more thing (sorry, this is long) got the shirt money, thank you D! Ethan didn't have them yesterday but said he'd inquire. I won't cash any checks until I have the shirt and have the mailers ready to go. Didn't want you to wonder about it. xoxoxo

D... said...

Stacey, I heard about Payday. Thought my kids would enjoy it too, but, like you, I can't find it anywhere. Bummer.

Thanks for the invite! One day I'll take you up on it and you can return the favor with a trip to the Lonestar State. I'll get a passport for you. ;)

That is great news about your baby sister. Baby steps is what you need when rebuilding a relationship. And a game of Mexican Train doesn't hurt either. ;)

Melissa, oh yes, Bear is a monster with Mexican Train! Dirty player who learned from the master!

Bubba's Sis said...

I'm pretty sure we always win Spades because we are just THAT good!