For Coastie Brother

Way to go Houston Dynamos*!!!! For the SECOND year in a row, they won the MLS series. They are truly the champions. Who needs David Beckham? Not the Dynamos!Maybe we'll be able to find shirts in the stores? Maybe they'll get their own stadium?

*our soccer team for the uninformed


Stacey said...

D your pilgrim likeness down there is a CRACK UPPP!

Melissa said...

Did you guys watch the game? It was awesome. Yes, even though we moved, we're still cheering for the Oooo! Dynamooo! Dynamooo!

coastie bro said...

yea baby! only one other team has done a back to back and that was 10 years ago! they are one of the few teams that are good without a super star player on there team. they all make less than 400k a year