Random Things

  • I'm bummed. I received some disappointing news at school today. I'll adjust, but it stinks.

  • I'm not feeling well. My sinuses/allergies are kicking my butt while the weather decides what it wants to do.

  • I'm feeling petty. The reason Lamb is not running cross country quit cross country because her ride quit the team and she has no way to get home after practices/meets (how's that for a sentence?). Her parents certainly won't pick her up.

  • I suck. I didn't feel like making dinner, but, alas, I had to. So I browned some breakfast sausage & mixed it with the Stouffer's stuffing I fixed.

  • And lest you think I'm a bitter hag tonight. My girl, who I work with in Math, totally rocked long division today. We've been working on it for awhile and it finally clicked with her. Yay V!!


Misty Dawn said...

I'll second that Yay for V!!! Isn't it awesome when you see it 'click'?!?!

As far as the other things... it must be the moon or the week or the stars or something, because I can TOTALLY relate to the ways you are feeling! Not for the same reasons, but the same feelings. My week sucks, and, well, you've read my blog, so you know all about my stupid sinuses and ear clogging-can't-hear-a-thing problems (LOL How's that for a sentence). I love ya D... things will look brighter very soon, because I'll be thinking of ya!

Melissa said...

It's hard, but you'll make it. Sorry to hear that you got disappointing news at school. Sometimes that just sets it all off. Don't blame yourself! I understand how you feel though. Love ya much!

D... said...

Thanks, ladies! I appreciate AND love ya'll!!

Melissa, I got pulled from T's room. So my last remaining hour with her is now gone with the wind.

Patois said...

I'd say you're resourceful, not that you suck, because you used the breakfast sausage. Hope this next week goes better.

D... said...

Thank you! Resourceful IS much better than Suck-ing. I hope next week is better too.