Brother of Mine!

Coastie Brother always gets a spoon for me in whatever exotic location he happens to visit/live. Unfortunately, this didn't start until he was in the Coast Guard. He went to a lot of cool places while in the Navy but I don't think he liked me as much then as he does now. ;)

We received a package in the mail filled with lots of cool gifts. For me, I got my wonderful spoon. What I loved about it is the iguana. Where he is, iguanas run wild and they are everywhere. That fascinates me for some reason. But, even more exciting, a beautiful perfect conch shell was included. This are hard to come by and I was bottom on the list to get one. Shocking, I know, but true. It's ok tho, I understood. No, really, I did. And it doesn't matter where I fell on the list since I GOT ONE!! Woot! I'm thinking this means I should get a batch of Snickerdoodles made pronto.

Coastie Brother wanted a picture when I found the perfect place to put it. It's on my buffet/hutch with the shells, water, & sand from my favorite place to relax and just be, Navarre Beach, Florida.

Isn't it gorgeous????? And, Coastie Bro, the spoon is already in the display cabinet. I had to remove a spoon to make room. Yes, I already need a 2nd one.

Thank you, Coastie Brother!! Can't wait until you can see the shell's spot in person.