10 Words That Describe Me

  1. Compassionate

  2. Dedicated

  3. Small

  4. Imperfect

  5. Quiet

  6. Flaky

  7. Lazy

  8. Anal

  9. Loved

  10. Christian


Bubba's Sis said...

Oh, yes you are loved!! (And I don't think you're flaky!)

Misty Dawn said...

You forgot 'cute'! I think you are cute as heck!!!

coastie bro said...

most those words fit me too. but i would change anal to demanding. omit small and replace it with defender. quiet is optional with loud. but no way flaky maybe dorky but for sure individualist. you can even put in flirty or skilled. there is even some french words that could be used to describe me but i am sure no one wants to read those words.

D... said...

Demanding and Dorky certainly fit you! I would also add Funny along with the other words you put.

I must ask: What French words?

coastie bro said...

teh ones you hear come out of a salior's mouth

Patois said...

"Compassionate" is a great one. Love your list.