At the Risk of Bringing on Coastie Bro's Wrath

Let me tell you about my hubby. He's a handy man. He's a smart man. There isn't anything that he can't figure out or do. He's also a procrastinator, some might call lazy. Not me, I'd never call him that! I know he works hard and deserves to rest/relax when he gets home. He just has a tendency to start projects and never finish them.
Here are a few examples:

  • When we 1st moved into the house, he noticed that the bathtub needed to be raised some. When it was filled with water, it was pulling away from the seal. So, he fixed it. Before he put it all back together, he wanted to make sure he raised it enough. This was 3-4 years ago.
  • Our kitchen was fairly dark so he put in under cabinet lighting and recessed lighting in the ceiling. In half of the kitchen. He says before he can finish the other half, he needs to build the island.
  • We have pitiful attic space. He bought an attic door and plywood to make our own attic above the garage. Hasn't started that yet.
  • In March, he pulled up our carpet in 2 rooms and installed wood flooring. He was going to do the kitchen too, but has to wait for the island. Then he decided to do the hallway instead. Still waiting.
  • Also, the quarter round moulding is still waiting. He did start on that yesterday. Got 3/4ths of the living room finished. Then he quit. No reason. Just quit.

And, because I understand his need for relaxation, I never nag. Which is why none of the projects are completed as of yet. I'll give him the island. That's going to take some money to build.

Lamb wants ya'll to know that he also throws things away without looking. He saw a Wal-Mart bag one day and threw it way. It contained all her soccer things: uniform, cleats, shin guards. I don't think she'll ever forget.

Of course, there's a list he can make about me too. However, this is my blog. If he wants to reciprocate, he can write his own blog. One day I'll make it up to him and write about all the sweet things he does for me. There's more of those than his uncompleted projects. I promise.


Bubba's Sis said...

I'm still LOL about the soccer stuff - that's SO something I would do!

coastie bro said...

okay here it comes.

1. the attice door is a two man job. i know i have done it before!
2.island in kitchen is money the man stopped doing the floors let him be
4.i guess the tub works right? maybe he did it with out you knowing it.
5. you got me on the throwing things away without looking

WHy is that sweet lil girl bad mouthing her poor ol father anyways. wht is the 2nd commandment? tho shall honor tho FATHER. not bad outh him b/c he made a mistake by throwing away her socccer kit.

D... said...

I believe I did mention the island costing money. I give him that one. The tub works, it's just it's side is off. He just has it leaning against the tub.

That sweet little girl was very upset to have her soccer stuff thrown away. :P That's the ONLY time she talks bad about her daddy. And, I guess I should mention that he went right out and bought her new cleats that looked exactly like the thrown away ones. And her coach was able to get her a new uniform.

Misty Dawn said...

Oh my gosh - this sounds just like my husband! He always has wonderful intentions and great ideas - they just never get completely finished! He gets SO MANY projects going at one time, that they ALL get part way done, and none of them get completely finished!

coastie bro said...

stop this man bashing ladies. you knew we were not perfect when you married us. so get off our backs!

D... said...

Not man bashing at all, just mentioning some pet peeves is all. I am fully aware that ya'll as men could write similar posts. ;)