Naughty Girl, Spoiled Boy, & Waterparks

I have an amazing work ethic. I don't just miss work. If I can plan a day off & get my favorite sub to work for me, I'm fine with that. But to just take a day willy nilly makes me uncomfortable. I called in sick today. The Friday before a three day weekend. A day when personal days aren't allowed (can't take off the Friday before or the Monday after a holiday). I did it mainly because I'm worn out and because I did have to take care of something this morning. I'm slightly okay with that because it's a school wide game/read day so the teachers can do some "cleaning" in their rooms.

By taking today off, I threw Bear's life in a tailspin. Because of his braces, he can't eat apples unless they are cut up. To prevent brown apples, a few minutes before lunch, I cut it up & bring it to him. Yeah, he's spoiled. And he had to get all knotted up about his apple today. "Why do you have to take the day off? My apple needs you at school. You are making things too complicated." Luckily, I found some lemon juice in the fridge (does that stuff go bad?). Whew. You'd think he'd never spent a day at that school without me. Granted, there haven't been that many, but still. Next year, we are going to have to work on some independence, I see.

Also today, is the district wide (minus 1 school) 8th grade field trip to the Schlitterbahn waterpark. We are talking about roughly 1,000 13/14 yr. old kids here. Plus, the general population who may or may not show up today. Yikes. Glad I'm not going to be there!

Altho, a little part of me wishes I were. Will Lamb remember to update her sunscreen? Will she stay out of the sun when she's not in the water? Will she do ok on the slides? Will the waves in the wave pool be too strong? Will she have fun? Will she socialize? Will the boys be nice? Will the GIRLS be nice? Did I give her all my wisdom about what she needs to know today? She's my first-born so she gets all the new worries that go with that honor.

Of course, she's going to have great fun. I know this. Bear's apples will be nice & fresh thanks to the lemon juice. And, of course, I'm going to greatly enjoy being at home, resting my sick mind. No worries. No guilt. Really.

Happy Friday!

Bear enjoyed his lemon apples.
Lamb had a wonderful time and came home SUNBURNED! She did NOT freshen up her sunscreen. Now *she's* the naughty girl.
My day went by way too fast. Luckily, I have Monday to be a sloth as well.


Anonymous said...

D called in "sick" today too! Hee! I saw you pulling out of the parking lot as I was pulling in and I thought hmmm...ENJOY your day!


Bubba's Sis said...

I'm glad you got a day off - we all need those from time to time! Enjoyed dinner last night! Especially the apple pie!!!!!!!!!

Wish I had me a croissant for breakfast...

Jamie Dawn said...

Of course she didn't update her sunscreen.
What kid has time to do that?? Sunburns just come with the territory at waterparks or ski trips.
Bear's apple dilemma cracks me up!
You're a good mommy!!

Misty Dawn said...

You totally deserve an emotional day off, my friend. You are a true inspiration to me.

"My apple need you at school." Ahahahaha he has got to be the more hilarious kid ever.

I'm so glad Lamb had a great time - she's a wonderful kid - you have done a great job raising her.