Amazing Grace

I wasn't going to blog this as I didn't want it to seem that it's always all about Bear. However, someone thinks I absolutely should. I promise that it won't always be about him. It's just that he', not quiet. Plus, it's a sweet story about my sweet boy.

This week is vacation bible school week. Lamb is too old to attend so she's enjoying her No Bear time.
Being in the car with Bear is such a fun experience. Since I work at the same school he attends, I think of the travel time as our time. And he uses it to his full advantage. He tells me all about his day or we work on his homework. Picking him up from VBS is no different.
We were in the car with the son of Bubba's Sis when, out of the blue, Bear states that he accepted Jesus into his heart. May I add that I love her children. They are so accepting and loving to my children. My children are safe with them in body and spirit. Bear didn't think twice about conversing with me at that moment. He knew he'd be accepted no matter what he said.
Anyway, I responded that I thought Bear had already accepted Him. "I just want to make sure it took," was his reply. A few minutes later, when we were alone in the car, Bear again mentioned accepting Jesus and asked if tonight I could recite the prayer and he repeat after me. While I don't mind a bit, I wondered why he didn't want to do it independently. When asked, he told me that he can't read the prayer with his eyes closed! And, he couldn't do it at church because they weren't saying it out loud. You see, not everyone is ready to accept Jesus and that's ok. So, those who were did it silently. But, Bear's eyes were closed so he couldn't do it.
So right there at the stop light (on the corner of 518 & Dixie Farm Rd), I recited the prayer and, with eyes closed, Bear repeated after me. I could have told him that it doesn't matter if his eyes are opened or closed. What matters is what is inside his heart. I just wanted him to remain my sweet innocent baby a day longer.


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Woah, that's good stuff! Very.

Not gonna lie here, I've been guilty of saying it more than my share, just to be sure I did it right! Love you blog, adding you to my 'list' right away.

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