Photo Hunters-Shiny

I found another photo meme at PhotoHunters. I like showing my pictures. Not sure how much you like seeing them, but.....anyway, here is my vision of the word shiny. This was taken when we went to Las Vegas 2 years ago. We had so much fun! That's another place that I'm just waiting to return. Like New York, we didn't get to see everything the 1st trip. And, oh, to smell the flowers in the Bellagio again would be heavenly.


Bubba's Sis said...

Oooo! Pretty!

When you go back to Vegas, take me with you!

coastie bro said...

oh how boring just think i turn on the laptop for this! i think i will go back to sleep.

i personally think you are showing this b/c i have never been there before. wel li have no interest in going, sorry

one day i will conquer the world you sick earthlings

D... said...

Bubba's Sis, just say when!

Coastie Bro, I can't please you ALL the time. Yes, I showed it because you've never been. I can't compete with all the cool places you've been or where you are now. I have to get my digs in some how. Of course, you have no interest in going! :P

Spare me, my family, & my friends when you conquer the world, please.