Conversation Overheard

Me: Kids, breakfast is ready. Let it cool down a minute.
Bear: Breakfast? Did she just say breakfast?
Lamb: I think so, but that doesn't sound right.
Bear: Well, I think I smell cinnamon rolls.
Lamb: Great, she cooks breakfast and it's CINNAMON rolls. Why couldn't it have been scrambled eggs and bacon?


coastie bro said...

o so good. i love it. ifigure bear would say that. me i would rather have the rolls.

check this out.

me: you ready for lunch
gator: yes Dot is getting ready
1130 cool with you
me: fine come by 1130
gator: col see you then.

me 1145 where are they no one answer the phone. i go to eat.

there they are with food in their hands.

kids now a days i tell you what

D... said...

Kids!! I bet you gave them attitude too, huh?

Bubba's Sis said...

Bacon and eggs?? What do they think you are, a short order cook? That's just crazy talk from Lamb.

D... said...

Crazy talk indeed. Lamb should have known better and just been thankful I actually made them something to eat for breakfast! That just never happens.

Bubba's Sis said...

Bear had cereal for breakfast at my house this morning. With no milk. Is that normal?

D... said...

Is that not normal at other homes? :) It is quite normal here for Bear. Why do you think they were so confused when I baked cinnamon rolls for breakfast? ;)