Ten on Tuesday

As per the request of Bubba's Sis, I am going to attempt to do Ten on Tuesday.

Today's topic is Ten Awesome Things About Yourself. No laughing from the family, but this was hard to do! Bubba's Sis gave me a helping hand. If you don't agree with the top ten, keep your comments to yourself! ;)

1. I am awesome at recording our family history through pictures (thank you Mr. Inventor of the Digital Camera).

2. I have the patience to work with and truly love learning disabled kids, even the behavioral ones (I don't necessarily think this is awesome of me, it's just what I love to do, but I've been assured that it is).

3. I taught myself to crotchet (and probably in another 10 years I'll have finished the blanket I'm crotcheting for Bear). Although, I can't do one bit of anything fancy. Straight line, double over for the next line....but, it's a start!

4. I also pretty much taught myself to cross-stitch (and I did finish the blanket I cross-stitched for Lamb).

5. I am awesome at giving support.

6. I am pop culture savvy (thanks Daddy for all the penny games we played in the car).

7. I am awesome at cussing. Ok, that's a lie. People laugh if a cuss word comes out of my mouth so I don't cuss. It's hard to think of awesome things!

7. I am awesome at playing spades with Bubba's Sis as my partner.

8. Grilled cheese sandwiches made with love is my specialty.

9. I can be ready for work in about 10-15 minutes. I am that low maintenance! Of course, it all depends on careful night-before planning.

10. I am awesome at letting my kids be who they are. Some days that isn't an easy task. There's lots of lip-biting and worrying. But, there's also a lot of laughter and being proud.

Whew. Glad that's over! Now it's YOUR turn! If you don't have a blog, feel free to leave your comments on mine. I want to know what's awesome about you. :)


Bubba's Sis said...

11. You are an awesome friend!

Great list!! And all true!

I'm good at cussing, too. But no one laughs when I do it...

Anonymous said...

o why can i not laugh? some of it it funny if you know D.... but they are all true! they are the reason why D... is awsome.


12. you have an AWSOME family.
13. your middle bro is awsome!haha

Anonymous said...

1. the most important one. i believe in the LORD and he believes in me.

2. i don t really feel awsome. i just surround myself with awsome people. like my girlfriend, kids, family and my boys in the United States Coast Guard. they all make me awsome.

3. cuz i swam with a sea turtle!! yes i am still going on about that one!

D... said...

Ok, you can laugh at the funny stuff. However, what do you deem the funny stuff???? I do have an awesome family, especially in the brother department, huh? I always wondered how to classify you. The oldest of my younger brothers? I never thought of middle brother....

Love your list! And, yes, keep on about the sea turtles! You are right, #1 is the most important. Of course you are awesome! You are there for your family if they need a helping hand (you might grouse but you enjoy it), you have a knack for conversation, you are clever, you are awesome at picking at me ;)..... None of us ever feel we are awesome, but we all have awesome things about us.

Bubba's Sis said...

Dude, was the turtle's name Crush?

Anonymous said...

bubba's sis.....

that would have been extrememly narrly if his name was that. NO ONE would be able to live with my big head then. you thought i was excited about a turtle just wait until i see CRUSH