Loaded Questions #18

This week's loaded questions are as follows:

Hypotheticals: If you created a new flavor of ice cream, what would it be? I would have to say something like key lime pie (if there isn't already one). Tart, fruity, and sweet. Yum!

Anything Goes: What celebrity makes you glad you are not a celebrity? Even though she is no longer with us, Princess Diana.

No-Brainers: Besides a cat or dog, what animal would you want as a house pet? chimpanzee....what fun!

Personals: Which of the following do you feel yields the greatest benefits - extraordinary wealth, strong friendships, true love, or a loyal, loving family? This is tough because I do have strong friendships, true love, & a loyal, loving family. I think they all equally yield me great benefits. But, if I must choose, I guess I have to say true love. In my true love, I have all the choices: extraordinary wealth (just not monetary), a strong friendship, true love, and a loyal, loving family. Definitely the greatest benefits.


Melissa said...

D... there is a key lime pie icecream by BlueBell. They only sell it in the summer. Try HEB. It's one of our favs!

Good call on the celebrity. I'm thinking Katie Holmes right now. If I were in her mess, I would not want the world to know it!

Chimp! Wow! You are much braver than I even imagined!

And I agree with you on the last one. Good call.

coastie bro said...

i have to say true love. with true love you have all the others, loyal family, strongfriendship, wealth. it all stems from true love.

D... said...

OOOOO! There IS key lime ice cream? I'll have to run to HEB tomorrow then.

You are right about Katie Holmes. I should have thought of her. Poor girl.

Now, the question didn't ask how long you'd keep your new house pet. ;)

D... said...

Coastie Bro, that's exactly where my train of thought was going as well. Hmmm...we might be related after all. ;)

Bubba's Sis said...

I want a chimpanzee.