• We saw Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer yesterday. It was a great sequel! The family really enjoyed it.
  • Jergen's Natural Glow really works!! I've used it for 3 days now and noticed the color after the 2nd application. Yee Haw!
  • I found a new mystery series that I love! A few months ago, I found Victoria Thompson's Gaslight mysteries. They are set in the early 1900s in New York. I just have her latest to read (I'm finally #9 on the library hold list) and have been bummed that I'm almost caught up. Well, I did a search and found this series. It's by Rhys Bowen and it's also set in the early 1900s New York. The stories & characters are great (I'm only on the 2nd book). I'm having great fun reading about a setting and knowing where she's talking about. I had to call hubby to tell him that her 'office' is set in the Washington Mews. We've seen it!!!! Surprisingly, he wasn't as excited as I was. Great fun for me. :)
  • I'm also looking forward to reading the latest Stephanie Plum book which was just released today. I thought I would have to be #600 on the library's list. Lucky me, a friend of mine ordered it and I get it right after she reads it. I'm a total Morelli girl and can't wait to find out the latest on this love triangle. I'm also looking forward to the last Harry Potter book. I'm a tad scared to read. I don't do well with sad endings. I'm deeply afraid it will have a sad ending for me.
  • Next year will mark my 20th high school reunion and plans are already being set in place. I have no plans of going because I only went to that high school my senior year. I don't keep in contact with any of the friends I made that year, besides, most of them weren't even seniors. However, my very best friend from growing up mentioned that I should go to her reunion which has also started planning for next summer. I really should have graduated with them. I grew up with them all the way through my sophomore year. It would be so much fun to see the town I grew up in (although, I hear that it hasn't aged well at all) and to see all the people of my youth (hopefully they have aged well ;) ).
  • I am finally all caught up on Lost! I just have one more Desperate Housewives to watch then I'll be all caught up with it. I never got behind on Grey's Anatomy so I'm good there. Currently, I'm just watching reality tv. So You Think You Can Dance is my favorite at the moment. I'm looking forward to Big Brother 8 in July. Nothing like fun mindless entertainment to get you through the summer!

I reckon that's it. I must go round up a Blue Bear now.


Bubba's Sis said...

Gotta get me some Jergen's Natural Glow. 'Cause my 20th high school reunion is in 2½ weeks and I gotta look GREAT!

D... said...

Please! You already look GREAT!!! You're beautiful, you have a cute new 'do, you're thin, you don't look your age. There will be many envious old classmates checking you out. But, I do highly recommend the Jergen's if you want some color.

Anonymous said...

well i am sorry to report this but ur bro just past away while reading this one. the death certificate states he died of boredom.

D... said...

Sigh, it is so hard to entertain you!! You don't enjoy reading about MY past-times? ;) I'll try and do better next time.... :P

Bubba's Sis said...