10 Things I'd Save in a Fire

I'm assuming ya'll know that the kids, the pets, & my purse are the absolute 1st things I'd save in a fire. So I'm just going to list my material possessions.

  1. our bibles

  2. my pictures

  3. my jewelry (just about every piece has sentimental value)

  4. computer hard drive (altho, it'd probably be easier to just yank the tower)

  5. my travel spoons

  6. 2 big cross stitch pieces that I made for each child

  7. our cameras

  8. kids' baby books/school stuff (such as awards)

  9. some figurines that have special meanings

  10. my travel & life souveniers

  11. Little tidbit about myself: When our parents divorced, we lived in a house in an older neighborhood. It had iron bars on the windows and you had to walk through Coastie Brother's bedroom to get to mine. We didn't live in it for very long but, while we did, I had my 'in case of fire' box filled with everything I wanted to save. I was young so I'm sure it was filled with toys. When we moved into our new house, I stopped. No rhyme or reason to my mind.


      Bubba's Sis said...

      Our lists - ergo, our values - are very similar!

      Happy Tuesday, sweetiepiehoneyfriend.

      Stacey said...

      What is WRONG with you and B/S? Neither of you put the JameeForever CD on your top 10. I'm certain it was an honest oversight---right?? (hehe) xoxo

      Stacey said...

      Make a wish! We were posting to each other at the same time--there has to be a wish or something granted for that! xoxo

      Stacey said...

      I know...I think this signals time for me to make dinner! What're y'all having? John teaches, so I think Hamburger is my helper tonight!

      coastie bro said...

      okay i did not see how you will make sure Big D is safe. kids pets and purse no Big D.

      i think i will leave it as that. but i am glad ot see the spoons in the top 5.

      D... said...

      See, in my mind, I always think of fires happening at night. Since Big D works nights, he obviously won't be here to save. And you KNOW that I want him to make it out of a fire alive.

      Bubba's Sis said...

      Big D can get out on his own - he wouldn't need saving! In fact, he better be grabbing some of the stuff on your list! :-)

      coastie bro said...

      i hope you never have to put this to a test. your family will never make it out alive with all the stuff you will rescue.

      you need to practice your fire drills. do you have a plain for that. do you test it? maybe you should

      D... said...

      We do have a plan. Um, we have never practiced it. Trust me when I say, if the flames are visible, I'm only saving the people and the pets. I won't risk any lives for material possessions no matter how important they are. However, if it's still just smoke...