The Beauty of Lamb

I have noticed a trend about Lamb that alarms me and strikes fear in my heart. Whenever she travels, she attracts attention. And not the attention that we, her parents, like. Here are some examples:

  • When she was about 9mths old, we visited Coastie Brother in New Orleans for Mardi Gras. We rode the Amtrak which was quite fun, I might add. The station is by the French Quarter so the day we left, we decided to leave early and walk around. It was like a ghost town due to everyone sleeping off their Mardi Gras partying. We were walking when out of no where, this drunk pops up. He exclaimed that Lamb was the prettiest baby that he's ever seen. Big D had her securely in his arms, but I was still nervous. I was afraid that he was going to try and snatch her. He followed us and kept talking about Lamb. Luckily, he was so focused on Lamb that he didn't notice the big, metal lamp post in front of him. He ran smack into it and knocked himself out. I wish I could say that I did the Christian thing and made sure he was ok. I didn't, I got the heck out of Dodge.
  • Fast forward a few years to Lamb's 5th grade year. In our school district, our 5th graders have the opportunity to go to Washington D.C. during Spring Break with their peers. Parents are welcome to go, but it's not mandatory. There is a chaperon for every 7 students. While the chaperon was my very dear coworker, Big D & I were hesitant about sending her off on her own. We couldn't afford her ticket and my ticket, so my mom came to save the day. She went with her. I do not remember where they were, but this Asian couple came up to her and started stroking her hair. They then told Mom how beautiful she was. Now, my mom doesn't know for sure if this was the case, but it seemed like they were stalking her. Everywhere they went (I think it was at a museum), the Asian couple was there.
  • Chicago, Illinois. We were walking along the crowded street when this homeless lady noticed Lamb. She jumped up, got in front of Lamb, and started walking backwards so she could continue to look. Thank the good Lord above that we got separated in the crowd.

I'm not sure why Lamb attracted these people. She is certainly beautiful, but I would call it more a classic beauty rather than an 'in your face' beauty. Her Granny (hubby's mom) thinks she has an unusual look, very European. While I'm not thrilled with her choice of words, I suppose she could look European. After all, her Granny is British and on Big D's father's side of the family, they immigrated from the Ukraine. My mom thinks she has an old-fashioned look that is refreshing in today's day & age.

I know I'm going to have to teach her a sense of awareness. Of course, every child should be taught this. You never know what lurks out there.


coastie bro said...

i agree she does have that different look than the normal kids have. European would be a good way of saying it. Seeing how i have been there. (just had to throw that in there D) but that is spooky how the freaks are attracted to her. you need to send her to some self defense classes.

Misty Dawn said...

I agree with coastie bro! It's pretty freaky that people do that to her!

Bubba's Sis said...

Yes, she IS beautiful! And yes, teach her that awareness now. Better safe than sorry!

Stacey said...

Jeepers--does the insanity of this world NEVER end? Can you believe you're already worrying about this junk? Teach her teach her teach her and maybe you can buy some fake rash or something to paste all over her face when she goes out, idk. It could help! xoxo

D... said...

Fake rash, hee!! She is getting into her teen years, maybe acne will take care of that for me. ;)

Oh, Coastie Bro, throw it in my face why don't ya. So, explain to me then, what does European look like per se? That was a serious question, btw.

We have thought about self-defense classes.