Simple Pleasures

One of the things I miss most about staying at home (besides having the house to myself) is lunch dates. I was lamenting about that to my good friend, anonymous in my comments, and she had the wonderful idea of going to her house for lunch. Yesterday, I did just that. She grabbed our lunch from a yummy tea-room and had it waiting for me. The 30 minutes went by way too fast but it was such a nice break in my day. I appreciated her offer so much! And I look forward to the next lunch date!

Hubby has been lamenting that he just doesn't get to see me anymore. We literally have 15 minutes of quality time a day together and the kids get the bulk of that time, which they should. So I told hubby that he could come visit me during lunch too. We can sit in the car to eat or, if the weather is nice, at one of the school's picnic tables. We'll see if I have something else to look forward to as well!

It's the small things that rock my world!


coastie bro said...

that would be so kool. one of the few perks of workin nights.

D... said...

You know I have to ask, a perk to eat lunch together or a perk that he only spends 15 minutes with ME? ;)

Another perk is that Monday he is taking the kids to their 1st orthodonist appts.

Bubba's Sis said...

Now THAT'S a perk!!

I will come and have lunch with you sometimes, too - on a day that I'M not working, too....

D... said...

I look forward to that too, Bubba's Sis.

We still need to get our apple pie!

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed our lunch too! I looked forward to it all week! We'll have to do it again soon. Hope you and hubby get to have a lunch date soon too.