10 Things I've Learned the Last 10 Years with Bear

Happy Birthday to Bear! It's finally happened. As of 6:40am September 18th, I no longer have any single digit aged children. Wah! This means I have no exemptions from jury duty if I get called up. It also means my children are growing up way too fast! While I enjoy this age, and look forward to the people they will become, I do miss the babies they were.

I decided to make my own 10 on Tuesday in honor of Bear's day. I know with every being in my body, soul, & mind that Bear is meant to be in our family and in this world. Here are 10 Things I've Learned being Bear's Mama:
  1. I have to be literal with him. If I'm not, he'll find a loophole and exploit it to his advantage.

  2. He is incapable of silence. He absolutely can not do anything without making noise or talking.

  3. I have re-learned that little boys are gross and laugh at inappropriate things. He also loves to say things that shock or make you laugh.

  4. I have learned that any word can be used as an adjective. Johnny Cash works exceptionally well.

  5. He has taught me to enjoy baseball. I can hear my dad laughing all the way in Arkansas.

  6. I have learned patience. He is a drama king and I have to be patient with that. He is curious and I have to be patient with that too. Did I mention he's loud and a noise-maker? Again, I must have patience. Bubble baths are my friend!

  7. I have learned the importance of setting boundaries. If you give him an inch, he expects a mile.

  8. I have learned that the color orange is really a very pretty color. And the Texas Longhorns are the team to root for in our house (really, except for Bear, we have no allegiance to any Texas college team).

  9. The moniker Babycakes? I have learned to love being called that. It will be a sad day when that word has left his vocabulary.

  10. I have learned that a son's love is such a blessing. Being pregnant with him, I wasn't so sure it would be. Boys grow up and break their mama's hearts. How could anyone be as sweet & loving as my little daughter? He taught me!


coastie bro said...

that was a good one there babycake

Bubba's Sis said...

I hope he has a Johnny Cash birthday tomorrow! But the Texas Longhorn thing? ::shaking head::

Melissa said...

This post made me happy! I love your son! Tell him I said HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Stacey said...

Happy Birthday Bear! This is such a sweet post, D...and I completely understand how little boys are every bit as wonderful to love as little girls. xoxo

Bubba's Mom said...

Boys are special - they just are. They give their love in an entirely different way than a daughter. When they become men they can make you feel cared for and always proud. They can amaze you with traits that you never knew they possessed - like a totally sweet sense of the romantic soul. They will astound you with their parenting skills and how somehow they have learned over the years to take care of business. They teach you about baseball, football, or whatever their game of choice might be. They may not confide a lot when they are boys, but when they are men that can change. Usually that's when you see that romantic streak. Daughters are wonderful and they are always close to you, but oh, those boys! They are special!