Excuse Me, Was That My Weekend That Just Flew Past Me?

Wow, it's already Sunday night? While my weekend was fun, it was jam-packed. I had no down-time and I don't do well with that. Right now, I'm exhausted and crabby. My family is not too fond of me at the moment.

It started Friday night with my mom's company picnic at Minute Maid park to watch the Astros game. I got home at 4 and was out the door by 5. The Astros were playing the Atlanta Braves (Melissa, Bear & I talked about you wondering if Brent watched any of the series). My stepmother is a HUGE Braves fan so Bear called my dad to see who he was going to root for. Of course he said the Braves. So they had fun calling each other and arguing back & forth. Then the Astros lost. Bear was all 'if Poppy calls, don't answer the phone!' That was a late night for us!

Saturday, I was able to sleep in some but I didn't get to veg for too long. We had Astros tickets again. My mom, being antsy, wanted to get to the game early. Four hours early! Two hours before the doors opened! Being the good daughter that I am (plus, she was my ride), Bear & I waited in line with her. It was really a pleasant day and it was fun hanging out with the fans. Some ballplayers I didn't recognize showed up and people hounded them for autographs. Bear got mad at me because he thinks I'm too overprotective. When the line got close to moving, some people thought they could cut in front. Oh no! The fans let them know real quick where they could find the end of the line. One lady refused to move so they got the security guard to 'explain' things to her. That game was a little better. Craig Biggio caught for 2 innings while our normal catcher, Yummy Brad Ausmus, played 2nd base. Poppy was rooting for the Astros. Brandon Backe, our pitcher, hit a homerun. And they won!! Another late night.

That brings us to today. ANOTHER Astros game. You might be wondering why I spent my whole weekend at Minute Maid Park. This weekend was the last home weekend, and the last games ever, of Craig Biggio. Bear's first favorite Astro. He is the epitome of a true hero and athlete. We didn't want to miss it. My mom was here by 9am. Bear decided that he'd just ride with his daddy. Again, the weather was nice and the fans were fun to talk to. And the fans also let the people know that there'd be NO CUTTING IN LINE. It was comical.

Bear had his 1st ballgame at 4:30. Unfortunately, he & Hubby had to leave the game early. They got ½way home when the coach called to tell him that the game was rained out. That was frustrating.

We said good-bye to Biggio which was hard. I got home about 4:30 and then an hour later had to turn around to get Lamb from her youth group. We had to run to the store to grab things for breakfast & lunch. Grabbed fast food for supper. I finally made it home for good at 7:30.

If I haven't bored you to tears yet, you now understand why I'm so exhausted. Tomorrow I am doing something I very rarely do. I'm trying not to feel guilty about it. I'm taking the morning off work. Morning is my slow time. The kids have their orthodontist appointments and I would like to meet the man putting on their braces. Hubby has been the one to take them. Then, hubby & I will go grocery shopping. The main thing is that I'll be able to sleep just a tad bit longer. Sleeping is very important to me.


Bubba's Sis said...

Good for you!! In fact, you should take the whole day off. And sleep.

Melissa said...

I'm proud of you for taking the morning off. Even though it was a busy weekend, it sounds like a good one!

Thanks for thinking of us! I'm not sure if Brent watched any of the series or not. I did not because I went home to see family.

Misty Dawn said...

Sound like you had a hectic, yet memorable and fun weekend.

Enjoy sleeping in and your morning off - you deserve it!

Misty Dawn said...

You have an award waiting for you at my blog!

coastie bro said...

what that is a lot of baseball and like no soccer. Dynamo just had their last home game sunday. they plaid Dallas. won 3 to 0. should ve been there

D... said...

I thought this coming up Sunday will be their last game? A teacher was organizing a ticket sell for us. Sadly, Bear has a ballgame at the same exact time.