Like Father, Like Daughter

Lamb was playing with my cell phone's camera when I heard a distressing sound coming from her. "Mama, mama, I'm so sorry." She somehow deleted all the pictures stored on my phone. Is there a conspiracy going on?

Other notes of interest:
Big D's absolute favorite college team is the Auburn Tigers. That means that he hates the Alabama Roll-Tide. Bear got his Fall Ball baseball team name today. Can you guess what it is? Hee! Alabama, baby! This will be a fun 6 weeks!

Both kids had their orthodontist consult today. I'm still in sticker shock. Bear's cost isn't *that* bad. But Lamb's? Oh man. We don't need groceries, cars, or a roof over our head as long as she has pretty teeth, right?

My t.v. shows are starting now. Yay!

A new rule for the school year. On Mondays we can wear jeans as long as we wear a a grade level t-shirt. Woot! My team can't really identify ourselves as Special Ed so we are calling ourselves the D.R.E.A.M. team. Determined to Readily Educate ALL Minds. Sunday nights are always a pity party for me. This alleviates so much stress. Really it does. And the rule has always been we can wear jeans on Friday as long as we wear our school spirit shirt. That means I only have to dress up 3X a week. Nice!

I had a lunch date with Big D today. It felt like old times. :)

What a crazy Monday this has been!


Bubba's Sis said...

I am all about jeans - what a great perk!

Go 'Bama! Roll Tide!

Misty Dawn said...

So, what are your favorite tv shows? Glad to hear that your and the Big D lunch date made it feel like old times... I'm still trying to find a way to make things feel like that again.

D... said...

People! I need you to feel my pain! I lost MORE pictures!!!

My fav. shows are as follows: Dancing with the Stars, Ugly Betty, Grey's Anatomy, Heroes, Desperate Housewives, Survivor, America's Next Top Model. Then I'm waiting for Lost & Scrubs. I get all my t.v. viewing in during the fall as the spring I have way too much extracurricular activities to keep up with.

I'm sorry, Misty Dawn. I hope you are able to find something to make you feel that way again. What was something ya'll enjoyed while you were dating?

coastie bro said...

yea ROLL TIDE beat Auburn ha!

i wish i get casual monday and fridays. oh that is right i dont work a full week like some. all my work days are either monday or friday i have no tues wed thurs. just mon fri sat and sun

y do u not save pics on camera to pc?

D... said...

Why, you ask? Because apparently I go to Hard-Headed Needs to Learn the Hard Way school.

I wouldn't mind working one of the weekend days if that meant I had a weekday off, especially it was a day I could have all to myself. Nope, wouldn't mind that a bit.

Roll Tide! Roll Tide! Hee! I am still giggling.

Bubba's Sis said...

Hey - Hard-Headed-Needs-to-Learn-the-Hard-Way is my middle name!