• I hate fundraisers. I have already given my whole life savings to each school. Now they want my blood as BOTH have fundraisers at the same time.

  • I so need to get my hair done. It's frizzy, split-endy, and the highlights have grown WAY out.

  • My kids have discovered that our cable tv comes with radio stations. Bear: Radio Disney! Yay! Lamb: SHOWTUNES, it has a showtunes station! The fun never ends here!

  • My life is about to get hectic. Baseball is starting next week and cross country next month.

  • The job position Big D has his eye on to get him back to days won't be posted for another month. Wah.

  • I got a compliment on my eyelashes. That's never happened before. I didn't mention that it was all about the mascara.

  • Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus with Jonas Brothers concert tickets go on sale Saturday morning. I have my game plan with each child on a computer, me on a computer, & Big D on the phone. My mom says she'll try at her house too. I'm trying to convince my brother to get up early to help but I don't see that happening. I doubt we get tickets but how SWEET it would be if we could!

  • In Math today a boy asked me how come when I explained something it all made sense to him. Awww. I told him that people are different learners. Some can read directions & understand and some need to hear it explained.

  • I am seriously considering having Bear dismissed from speech. He only needs it for articulation and the last goal is "R". He's been working on that one sound for a dang year! He flew through his other goals. It's starting to upset him being pulled out. Last year, it was during recess 2x week. This year, it's during his favorite subject, Social Studies. Also, he finally made Math Explorers for the current math objective. His group just got together to decide what project to do when he was pulled for Speech. Blah!

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Bubba's Sis said...

My two-cents:

I hate fundraisers, too.
My hair is frizzy, too.
My kids discovered those stations, too.
Hope we get those tickets!
I'm with you - take Bear out of speech.