10 Countries I Would Like To Visit

This week's Ten on Tuesday has to do with one of my favorite things. Travel! There are way more than 10 countries I'd love to visit so I just shortened it to the 10 I'd like to visit first. I have been to a few countries: Mexico, Guam, Japan, & Canada. Not as many as Military Man Coastie Brother tho. Don't throw it in my face, Bro!

In no particular order, here's what I want stamped in my passport:

  1. France

  2. United Kingdom

  3. Italy

  4. Ireland ( I know Northern Ireland is part of the UK but I want to visit it independent of the UK)

  5. Germany

  6. Israel

  7. Australia

  8. Fiji

  9. Greece

  10. The Bahamas


coastie bro said...

i am sorry that i have been to at least half of those places. it is not my doing, well okay so it is. but i didnt pay for it. you have been to more places in th US than i have. but htose are some good choices. well at least a couple. i know i would like to return to all the places i have been to and spend more time there, esp sober times. :)

D... said...

Ok, you have me curious now....which ones were good choices? And, only a couple??

It'll be easier for you to catch up on my US viewing than for me to catch up on your outside US viewing. I mean, when will I ever get the chance to go on an African safari?

Here I thought you were such a pure sailor. Now I find out that when you were visiting these countries, you weren't sober. GASP!! ;)

Bubba's Sis said...

Coastie Bro is an ASTRONAUT?!?!?

coastie bro said...

i wish i was an ASTRONAULT. that would be kewl.

yes i was a poor sailor. i had to save my money cuz of my wife and kids. there is an old saying you fly , i buy. well i fly alot. got up and got more beer. that way i can not be sober for cheaper.

no way with france did not like it.
but yes to all the europe countries. esp uk and italy. germany was the most beautiful place. fiji and the bahammas to hot to sandy i will pass. australia every sailor dream! i would like to go the athens. the rest of greece i can do with out.

idk about israel. something about bombs machine guns and tanks in the streets i dont care for. might as well go to babylon (bagdad) where it all started.

D... said...

Fiji & The Bahamas may be too hot & too sandy, but oh! the view! I agree about Israel, but in my wishful thinking, it would ok. I just think it would be neat and humbling to visit. Babylon too.

I'll have to respectfully disagree with you on France. I WILL go one day and then we can compare stories. ;)

cjh said...

You said Fiji, too! Let's go!

Stacey said...

Very quick, B/S, lol.

Tell Coastie Bro he did in fact pay for his tour--and a big price. So, thanks for that!