All About Me A-Z

Bubba's Sis tagged me. :)

A- Attached or Single? attached for the last 18 years
B- Best Friend: I have been well & truly blessed in this category
C- Cake or Pie: either or both!
D- Drink of Choice: caffeine free diet coke
E- Essential Item: my camera
F- Favourite Color: red
G- Gummi Bears or Worms? neither
H- Hometown: Pine Bluff, Arkansas because that's where I lived for most of my school years
I- Indulgence: highlighting my hair
J- January or February: February, because it's almost spring and in Texas it's pretty good weather
K- Kids: two: 13 yr old girl and 9 yr old boy; both are a little odd and a whole lot amazing
L- Life is incomplete without: Family and friends
M- Marriage Date: December 31, 1989 and then we 'eloped' to Vegas & renewed our vows May 15, 2005
N- Number of Siblings: 4: 2 brothers, 2 sisters. I only grew up with 1 brother. The others are way younger than me. I also have 4 stepsisters and 1 stepbrother. I didn't grow up with them either but I did grow up with a stepbrother who is no longer my stepbrother.
O- Oranges or Apples? Apples, especially if they are cooked in a pie or cobbler or something
P- Phobia: spiders (altho there are so many little ones around here I'm getting a tad used to them)
Q- Favourite Quote: "Life is so daily"
R- Reasons to smile: summer vacation, fun kids, great friends to hang with either in person, IM, email, or blogging, flowers for no reason, going out to lunch (dinner too)
S- Season: Spring
T- Tag Three: anyone who'd like to participate! If you blog, let me know and if you don't, put your's in my comments section.
U- Unknown Fact About Me: In the last 18 years, I have only filled up the gas tank 2x. And both have funny stories to go along with them.
V- Vegetarian or Oppressor of Animals? Both
W- Worst Habit: worrying
X- X-rays or Ultrasounds? I've had both; x-ray & 1 ultrasound had sad results and the other 2 ultrasounds had joyous results
Y- Your Favorite Foods: Mexican, Italian, and American
Z- Zodiac: Taurus


Misty Dawn said...

Sounds like everyone is a worrier! I know that's my worst habit too! Must be a woman thing ;-)

Misty Dawn said...

This looks like fun! I can't wait to learn all about the blogging memes, tags, contests, etc! Thanks for welcoming to your site - I'm obsessed with blogging now, so you'll be seeing a lot of me :-)

Melissa said...

I did not know you eloped! How funny! I did not picture you as someone that was that daring. ;)

coastie bro said...

A- attached
B- dont understand what is being
asked so i will say yes i have
C- neither, unless Geramn Chocolate
D- Redbull or Guiness
E- the love from my girl cant live
without it
F- dont have one pic any earth
G- Worms
H- dont have one
I- buying music
J- Feb. to many bad things happen
in Jan. what kind of question
is this?
K- 3, 13 yr old girl, 8 yr old boy
and 3 yr old boy
L- Roscoe(inside joke) Sharron and
M- hte last one or the nex one?
N- unlike my sis i do have an extra stepbrother that she left out.
O- oranges if someone peels them
for me. Go DYNAMOs
P- cant think of any
Q- right now "dear 8 lbs 7 oz. baby Jesus"
R- being able to read these blogs
S- fall even though summer has Futbal i like the cold
T- Nope
U- i try not to keep secrets cuz they tend to pop up when you dont want to. it is best to share and laugh than to have people laugh at you.
V- oppressor of all eatibles things
W- curse like a sailor. getting better thanks to my angel
Y- mudbug pie or hot dogs
Z- gemini

D... said...

Misty Dawn: worrying must be a woman thing. I don't know too many male worriers.

Melissa: I figured since I'd been married to the man for 15 yrs, I probably should elope with him. ;) It was really fun! We went to the Graceland Wedding Chapel where Jon Bon Jovi married his wife too!

Coastie Brother: you don't consider Pine Bluff your hometown? My brain is going round and round: what stepbrother did I leave out? I mentioned D's kids, B's kids, and J didn't have any, did he? If he did, they weren't part of our lives. I wish Sharron luck in cleaning out your mouth. I'm still working on hubby (but he's much better than he was). Thanks for playing along! I enjoyed your answers. :D

coastie bro said...

sorry sis i can t tell you. if you don tknow ur kin folks then i guess you dont want to know them.

D... said...

TELL ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

You've only filled up your gas tank 2x???? That's incredible! Must be hubby's job!


Bubba's Mom said...

Well, you know how I feel about Southern ladies pumping gas!!

D... said...

It was a sad Friday the 13th for me. It is now 3x I have pumped gas. Emergency situation and hubby out of town. Sad sigh.