New Honey?

I still don't have anyone to call my honey. However, there is a candidate who is a front runner. Josh Duhamel. I have enjoyed him since his Leo Du Pres days on All My Children (back when I watched soaps). I followed him to Las Vegas, but we parted ways this last season. Too much tv, not enough time to watch it. He has a new movie which starts tomorrow. You might have heard of it, a little movie called Transformers. I'm not opposed to action films, I rather enjoy them for the most part. This one didn't seem to appeal to me, even though hubby & Bear are all excited about it. But, I'm going to go see it to give Josh a trial run as my new honey prospect. Wish me luck! Not for naming a new honey, but for enjoying the movie! ;)


Bubba's Sis said...

He's a cutie!! A good pick for you since I'm having Jon Bon Jovi for my honey. :-)

Anonymous said...

Them's fighting words, my friend!

You know I was worried about the age difference? He's not that much younger than me, but still younger than Coastie Bro. Skeeves me a little still.

Anonymous said...

Oh...he's quite the looker! Love that little sign of mischief lurking behind those gorgeous eyes!


Anonymous said...

Lisa, you can just tell that he's full of mischief!