10 things to do before I die

    In no particular order here are ten things I want to accomplish.

  1. see my kids grown, happy, healthy, & successful in whatever they do in life

  2. become a grandmother (in many, many, many, many...years)

  3. swim with the dolphins

  4. go to Europe

  5. see more of the U.S. (especially Atlanta, Hollywood, Savannah, D.C., & northern Kentucky) along with visiting all the baseball stadiums/state capitols

  6. become a certified teacher

  7. celebrate my 50th wedding anniversary (we've celebrated 17 so far)

  8. own a beach house somewhere along the Emerald Coast in Florida

  9. clean my house

  10. Lamb told me I had to include this: scrapbook her Washington DC trip which happened over 2 years ago. And Bear says I MUST finish crocheting his orange blanket.


Nichole said...

AH! After reading yours, now I wish I would have put 'visit all 50 states' on my list...

Happy Tuesday!

coastie bro said...

hope you can afford the insurance.

how about swim with teh manatee? But i agree with you need to see more of the states! I will be there for the 50th. i always wanted to know someone who has been married that long. that will be awesome. why clean th ehouse. when you get hte beach house take what you need ie pots and pans and leave evrything else, except the spoons. lol

Stacey said...

I love your list--and moreso I enjoy that your children are just like mine--they NEVER forget what I didn't get done, lol. xo

Bubba's Sis said...

We want to do a lot of the same things! Let's do them together! It's always more fun that way!

Anonymous said...

Coastie Bro, it's my dream house so of course I'll be able to afford the insurance!
I would love to swim with the manatees and sea turtles too. Anything gentle from the sea.
You know 2 couples who have been married for over 50yrs. GG & Sir and Grandmother & Pappy.
I like your answer to the cleaning. Therefore I take clean my house off the list and replace it with learn to speak Spanish.
The spoons will go whereever I go. :)