*no spoilers*

That is the sound of a contented Harry Potter fan. After Lamb & I fought back & forth for control of the book for the past 4 days, she & I both finished yesterday (well, me early early this morning). Sure, I still have questions and I'm hoping once all the movies are finished & once the theme park opens up, JKR gets bored and gives a tidbit more about her magical world. I do hear that she's planning on writing a Hogwart's Encyclopedia filled with stuff she didn't include in the books with the profits going to charity. That would be cool!

One generation ends the journey....what will we do without the anticipation of the next book? and the next begins.....what fun for him!
JKR didn't turn my kids into readers, they were already, but it has been fun to read them with Lamb and talk about them. I hope something else comes along for us to read as a family. Melissa, maybe I should finally start the Alex Rider books? He's only been begging for, what? A year?


Library Girl said...

What a great post. Looking at those little hands on those big thick books... the Librarian in me loves it. Thank you for reading with your children, and for making memories with them that they will always remember. As for a new series... Alex Rider works! How about the Eragon books? They are always a big hit.

Kim said...

Still need to get my copy and start reading it. Hopefully this weekend.

I do have to say Thank You for the no spoilers. It's been hard but I have avoided any spoilers out there.

I have to agree...I'm reading Eragon right now and LOVE it.

How about Magic Tree House books? Love those too.

Little House books?

Just some thoughts.

Anonymous said...

We do have Eragon, but none of us have read it yet. Sounds like it's time to change that!

Bear LOVES the Alex Rider series. His dad reads them too. But, he still wants his teacher & me to read them.

My son loved the Magic Tree House books and my daughter The Little House books. Sadly, they have outgrown them. Thank you for the suggestions tho!

coastie bro said...

interesting. a bunch of the guys are going to see the movies tonight. me personally i will stay in and read 1776 and wait impatiently for spider pig to rear his face on the island.

lamb cousin tried to get into these books but it just didnt kick in with her.

Anonymous said...

How is 1776? I thought about reading it too. Let me know how the guys liked the movie. I really enjoyed it. I remember Lamb's cousin reading it, but didn't realize it didn't click with her. She really liked the Unfortunate Events books tho.

D is going to see SpiderPig this Saturday while Lamb & I go see Hairspray. We (Lamb & I) can't wait! I can't believe I've waited this long to go see it!

Melissa said...

Ok, my conscious is feeling guilty for checking out other books at the library now... should be reading about Alex's adventures in Europe... Just don't tell Bear...

How about the Chronicles of Narnia? If Lamb has not read them and you guys like fantasy, you would really enjoy them. I think Bear would like them too from what I know about him as a reader. I love the series! It has some great "God stuff" I think your kids would probably pick up on too. Would make for great family reading!

Anonymous said...

Melissa, don't feel guilty. I have read hundreds of books since Bear's asked me to read Stormbreaker. Not quite sure what my hang up is. I'm pretty sure I'd like the series and Bear is certainly excited about it.

As much as I love Harry, I'm not a big fantasy fan. I did adore the Chronicles of Narnia movie so I probably would enjoy the books. Bear too. Lamb has read quite a few (if not all) of them. I'll check them out!

Hubby told me that they are making another Narnia movie. He thinks the 3rd book.