10 Favorite Things

In no particular order, here are ten of my favorite things.

My favorite:
1. number
2. picture of hubby & me (bad scan :( )
3. way to read 4. Military person 5. Christmas present

6. flowers

7. jewelry

8. beach

9. princess
10. memories
I'm assuming everyone knows that hubby & the kids are my favorite people. ;)


Bubba's Sis said...

What a terrific Ten on Tuesday!!!!

Can I be #11 on your list? :-)

Melissa said...

Awesome list... excpet 15 is my number! You can't steal my number ;)

And I'm loving the pic of you and hubby. It's great! When was that taken?

Library Girl said...

Love this list! I love your "The Firm" memorabilia!

D... said...

Thank ya'll!

Bubba's Sis: You can be #11. :D

Melissa: I'm pretty sure 15 was my number before it was your's! ;) I love that picture too. Big hair and an Opryland Flamingo shirt. How 80s! It was taken in May of 1989. We had been engaged for a month by then and knew each other for almost 1 year.

Library Girl: We lived in Memphis when The Firm was being filmed. As a surprise, hubby bought tickets to the Mid-South premiere at the Orpheum Theater. It was awesome! About 10 years later, he finally got around to framing the print, tickets, and picture of us. I had forgotten about the print and had no idea he had saved the tickets. I love that man!

Stacey said...

Woah! This is GREAT stuff, D!

You and hubby are cuties! I married mine in 1989--I'm quite sure I look exactly the same! Right?


Crimson Wife said...

Great list!

Melissa said...

Ok, you had it before me.... WAY before me ;0

You know I love you!

coastie bro said...

i love the pic of u and hubby. look at his hair. haha. you should have put the orange hair pic of him up.

so is your spoons number 12 then?

Bubba's Sis said...

I thought about putting my spoons on my list.....they are definitely a runner-up! I'm sure for you, too, right USO Girl?

D... said...

Melissa: :P :P :P Love you too!

Coastie Bro: OOOO! The orange hair! Hee! I never let him live that down. The spoons rank much higher on my list. Like Bubba's Sis, I was going to include them. However, I already dedicated a whole post to them and didn't want it to seem like it's all about the spoons with me. ;)

Anonymous said...

That pic is adorable with a capital "A" Does your shirt really say "opryland?" Hee! Gotta love the 80's! I gotta sign up on this thing so I'm not known as "anonymous."


pjd said...

Nice list, and that is a cute photo of the young couple. :)

D... said...

Lisa, you can sign up without having a blog. That's what Coastie Brother does. And, uh huh, my shirt really says Opryland. To make it sadder, Opryland is no longer running.

Thank you, pjd! We are a cute older (as in we've been together a long time, not age-wise) couple too! ;)

Misty Dawn said...

We took my step-daughter on vacation to Nashville, Tennessee for her graduation gift. We had an absolutely fabulous time!!! It was so much fun, and my step-daughter hasn't quit talking about it yet. She swears we are all going back there together again sometime.