Loaded Questions # 20

This week's installment:


If you could only work on one body part at the gym, what would it be?

My thighs.

Anything Goes:

Use one adjective to describe the game of baseball?



What would you like to know more about?



What is the last movie that made your eyes tear up?

Talladega Nights from laughing so hard (there might have been another more recent one but it's late & I can't think)


Bubba's Sis said...

Ooooo! Good answers!! Altho your thighs don't need any work.

If you think baseball is sexy, you need to watch Bull Durham.

And yes, Talladega Nights was hilarious! But the last movie that made me really tear up was Finding Nemo. I felt like such a dork!

D... said...

When I 1st saw Finding Nemo,I cried too. Nothing dorkish about it.

Uh,yes, my thighs do need work.

We almost bought Bull Durham. I forget which store had it for about $5.

Melissa said...

So THAT is why you like baseball! Who knew? Can't say I blame you though...

Lynda Walldez said...

Wow, you'd like to know more about photography? What would you like to know more about it? BTW, baseball, sexy? Interesting. :D Thanks for playing along.

coastie bro said...

idk y baseball is sexy but if you saw so. i personally think womane tennis is sexy. o Shara was on today.

i watched Ricky Bobby the other night. Dear baby 8lbs 8 oz baby Jesus.

D... said...

Of course you wouldn't know why baseball is sexy! Just like I don't know why women's tennis is sexy. Lamb is debating whether or not to do track or try out for the tennis team. I think she needs lesson first!

I've been thinking about Ricky Bobby lately. I should probably see his movie again.

Lynda, I'm wanting to know about the mechanics of it like white balance, aperture, etc.... I have books, I just haven't delved into them yet. And baseball can be sexy, especially if your team has cute guys on it!