Good-Bye Mr. Biggio

Craig Biggio announced that this will be his last season as a player. He will be missed. Biggio & Bagwell were the heroes of the Astros when we moved here. I can't imagine that next season, neither will be playing. I can't imagine being there before the game and not watching Biggio being the 1st one on the field to warm-up. He & Bagwell leave a great legacy for future ballplayers. Great role models, great players, Good Guys.


Bubba's Sis said...

He's been part of the team for so long that I can't imagine the Houston Astros without him! He will be missed greatly.

coastie bro said...

Yes it is a shame that he is leaving, just like it is a shame that Cobi Jones is retireing from soccer. the LA Galaxcy will not even miss him now the Beckham is there. The only MLS player to stay with the same team for his whole carreer. He was there from the start of MLS.

Anonymous said...

Really? That IS a shame. Beckham's move to the USA shouldn't overshadow Jones' career. :(