A Bible Story

"My bible says 'sluggard' rather than 'lazybones' and I like that," said Lamb when I casually mentioned getting her a new bible. The one she uses now is a light blue Precious Moments that was given to her by her great-grandparents at her birth. Her name is the same as her great-grandmother's, just with an extra 'A' towards the end. You can see where my granddaddy forgot that and had to squeeze it in. It's a special bible and I would like for it to be preserved. Plus, she's in a teen bible study. It's my hang-up, not hers. But, she's an easy-going Instant G.R.I.T.S. so she humored me. Looking on-line, we found a bible made specifically for teen girls that she liked. I also told her that it might be fun to get a different translation and compare her two bibles.
Yesterday, we went to Lifeway Christian Stores to pick up said bible. Unfortunately, I made the mistake of picking up a box that contained a version with a purple suede cover. Way too pricey for me so I put it down and grabbed the one we saw originally. At the check-out, Miss Easy Going had turned into Miss Moody. It got even worse when the clerk mentioned that today was a 40% off any item sale. Walking to the car, I finally got it out of Lamb that she *really* wanted the purple suede bible but that it wasn't the end of the world, she's OK. Sigh. We decided that when she's outgrown her teen bible, her new bible would be purple suede.
Once we are home, she dives into her bible and stays there all day. Checking it out, transferring papers, and reading. "Guess what?! It says 'sluggard' too!!!" All is well in her world.


Melissa said...

I just love that "sluggard" is the word that helps her choose which bible to go with. It makes me laugh! I'm glad you found something she will enjoy! :)

Bubba's Sis said...

I think my bible says "Queen Sloth".


coastie bro said...

well i am not going to comment on this one. d.... you know what i will say so there is no point.

but for reall where can a man get a bible like that. i might know someone who might be interested in a bible for teens. please send link so i can look at it please.

D... said...

Coastie Brother, link sent :)

Stacey said...

What would coastie bro say? I need to know this!!!

Your daughter must be very very special and amazing, D-friend. Just that you have a teenager who will read the bible and KNOW the difference in translations blows me away, and I feel like a failure mom. Ah, gosh, now I'm off to snap my kids into shape! Happy Friday! xoxo