More Than Meets The Eye

Hubby knows I've been in a summer funk so he calls at midnight to tell me to set the alarm for the next morning. We are going to see Transformers. What? Wake-up early?? Ok, whatever. Why was I ambivalent about going to see this movie? I couldn't tell you now as I turned out to really love it! Hubby was absolutely giddy when we walked out of the theater. Lamb was giggling (in a good way) throughout the whole thing. Bear was all excited, yet worried about one of the autobots. It had everything: humor, a little romance, action, special effects, a likable hero, a kick-butt girl who didn't scream through the whole entire movie, & a set-up for a sequel. I mean, I know it's a good movie when I have tears in my eyes over a ROBOT. The special effects were seamless. These transformers really looked like they were transforming. There was some minor cussing (not any of the *big* words) and, obviously, fighting. However, no blood & guts and I don't remember seeing any dead bodies. Mainly it was robot against robot. Hubby says this has been his favorite summer movie so far.

Oh! There were a lot of Disney channel actors making cameos too. We saw actors from Hannah Montana, Suite Life of Zach & Cody, and Phil of the Future. That was fun too.

Sadly, it wasn't a movie to determine whether Josh should be my honey or not. He had a major role, but he wasn't on screen as much. It's really Shia LeBeouf's movie. I asked Lamb if he was her hero. She just looked at me. One day I'll miss those looks, I'm sure.

Now I'm all fired up to see Live Free or Die Hard! Yippee Ki Yay!


Melissa said...

I'm glad you enjoyed Transformers. Now you've got me wanting to see it. I'm sure Brent won't complain about that a bit. :)

And you need to see Die Hard. You'll like it, especially if you liked the first ones.

D... said...

Let me know if you go see it! I vaguely remember the Die Hard movies. After all, I saw them when they were new releases. :) I know I liked the 1st one, but I'm not sure about the others.

coastie bro said...

i wish i could see a movie bot robots

D... said...

I wish you could too, Coastie Brother. I bet it comes to your 'theater' soon because Fantastic 4 was showing there. Right?