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Mama, I have a cut on my toe. See? I think I need a band-aid.

It's ok, just a little scratch. I do believe you'll live after all. No band-aid needed.

Mama! You saw the commercial with the little girl. Her mama thought she'd be ok too. And look what happened. It got infected. I seriously doubt you want that to happen to me.

You are right my darling little hypochondriac. Go put a band-aid on.

After several attempts and some coaxing for the toe & band-aid to Just.Act.Right.

Awww, look how cute. It's like my toe has a little t-shirt on. Now, aren't you happy you took good care of me?


Misty Dawn said...

Whew! Good thing there's a band-aid on there - you could lose one of those cute lil toes if an infection occurred! ;-) Thank goodness for band-aids!

Melissa said...

I'm only going to guess which child of yours I think this conversation was with.

I have a feeling it was NOT Lamb.

What a hilarious conversation. And a cute t-shirt!

Anonymous said...

Yes, Misty Dawn, thank goodness for band-aids! I'm afraid there would have been no sleep for the weary otherwise.

Melissa, you are correct! And I'm sure you can hear the conversation in your head. I'm thinking the clothing is more of a tank top, but what do I know? As I was informed, boys don't wear those.

coastie bro said...

not to be mean but out of bewinderness. did you take the pic of the toes for the blog or because you love taking pics?

Anonymous said...

Hee, Coastie Brother! I took the pics just to illustrate the blog. I wanted you to see for yourself the scratch and t-shirt.