8 Things Revisited

After listing 8 things that I know, I got to thinking about ALL the things I don't know. Here are 8 things that I need to learn:

  1. I need to learn that not everyone has the same expectations that I do. I'm mostly talking about work, but it can also apply to all points in my life. People just aren't going to respond or act they way I would in the same situation. Imagine that!
  2. I need to learn to drive a stick shift.
  3. Goes along with #2. I need to learn to read a map. Without knowing #s 1 & 2, I'll be a horrible partner to hubby (or anyone else) on The Amazing Race. It would hurt my feelings to read on the message boards how useless I am on the challenges and the driving and the navigation and.....
  4. Courtesy of hubby, I need to learn to not worry so much. Silly man, doesn't he know that if you worry, it won't come true? I'll try to learn it on a lesser level.
  5. I need to learn some self-discipline &/or non-procrastination (new word :) ). If I could do that, then during the summers I could still have a schedule. I do much better with a schedule. And I'd get tons of things done. I have yet to start one thing I wanted to accomplish this summer. Oh wait! I did get my spoon collection together. Whew. I feel better.
  6. I need to learn how to change a flat tire. It would be horribly embarrassing to get stranded on the side of the road because I don't (altho, I think I could figure it out). And you better believe Lamb will learn before she takes a car out by herself.
  7. I need to learn to like water without adding kool-aid to it.
  8. I need to learn to not put off making appointments. I dread it every single time and I don't know why. Lamb & Bear need orthodontist consults like 6mths ago. Sigh, I'll do it tomorrow.


Bubba's Sis said...

My daddy made me learn to change and tire and drive a stick shift when I learned to drive. I still know how to drive a stick, and I reckon I could figure out the tire thing if I had to, but that's why I have OnStar!! ;-)

I'm so with you on the procastination thing.

Anonymous said...

I'll give one prop to my ex-stepmother (I actually have 3 in all to give her), she tried to teach me how to drive a stick. S.T. also tried to teach me and I about killed us. I know you are laughing if you are reading this, S. Once I get going, I'm fine. It's the getting going that kills me.

Stacey said...

Yeah, stick shifts are nice and all, but I gave them up at 20 when I got my first automatic. I NEVER NEVER NEVER wanna sweat bullets at an uphill stoplight because the guy behind me is too close and I could roll too far back!

You don't worry about those appointments, you're going to be a non-procrastinator now, so you can officially do them....later. xo

coastie bro said...

well driving a stick is over rated, who care that you cant drive one. we are just glad you can drive.

yes a flat you need to learn who to do, but it is in the book. i know how to but i have to pull out the book because all cars are different. so just pull out the book.

do you want me to come and teach you haow to read a map? you will not be the first person i taught to do it.

who rally cares what you get done for the summer. we are just happy the spoon are diplayed

Anonymous said...

Ya'll are sweet to me! Thank you.

You can try to teach me to read a map, Coastie Bro, but you won't be the 1st. All those different colored lines confuse me so. :D