Clothing Confessions

Here's the thing, or two, about me that I hope doesn't make you turn up your nose at me.

  1. Big D does my laundry, but only if I get it into his basket before he washes clothes. And I'm not allowed to load it up right before wash day (that seems a tad harsh, but whatever). I typically take something off & think I could get another wear out of it before it needs washing. But, rather than hang it up, I lay it out on my vanity stool. Then, it gets all wrinkled and the desire to wear it again is no more. So, I throw the ones not high wash priority in a basket that I tell myself I'll wash later. Much, much later, I do. And it's like going shopping for a whole new wardrobe! I find shirts that I've forgotten about and shirts that I've missed. My closet suddenly has interesting things in it for me to wear. It's a wonderful feeling!

  2. I hate just washed jeans. It's like I have a magic washer/dryer that shrinks them down 2 or 3 sizes. UGH! Can't stand the tightness and the muffin top hanging over the edge of the waistband. Highly unattractive & bad for the self esteem. I love the feel of jeans that have stretched and loosened out. It makes me feel like I have magically lost weight. Much better for the self esteem. So, I will wear them for a while, making extra special care to not spill anything on them. And just so you don't think I'm all gross, I do have several pairs of jeans. I'm fortunate enough to have a principal that will randomly have Jeans Day for a whole month at a time. I'm not one to miss an opportunity like that so I'm prepared!

  3. I only got dressed today because I had an errand to run. Since Sunday, I have been in pajamas (not the same ones, people!) and enjoying it greatly.

And that marks the end of my clothing confessions. I hope ya'll understand and still love me. It's hard work being a Queen Sloth but I do my best.


coastie bro said...

gross you are no longer my sister. but i agree with you on the clothes. i am like that too.

man last year i got a bog on my b day and nothing this year. i need to go on another deployment.

Big D said...

When she says much, much, later she means a year later. That should tell you how many clothes she has to wear. Me on the other hand have to wash weekly or I won't have anything to wear. By the way. How did I get roped into washing your clothes?

D... said...

Dude! I wasn't sure you'd even visit today. You aren't as frequent as you used to be. Everyone, tell Coastie Bro: HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Big D! You are ratting me out. I promise, it's NOT a year later. A few months later, maybe. You know how you got roped into it. You are so much better at it than me. The main reason being to help me out since I have to do it all with the kids at night. Once you are back on days, I'll take it back.

Bubba's Sis said...

Jammies and jeans are the best clothing items ever invented.

Bras are the worst. And panty hose, but no one wears those anymore.

Bubba's Sis said...

Oh, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY Coastie Bro!

Stacey said...

You're hilarious, D! Love this. And I come out of this post with just one question...you have a vanity stool?!!! xo

Jenny 865-53oh9 said...

Happy Birthday Coastie Bro!!!

3 more reasons why I love ya! What's a vanity stool? A froo-feey stool?

Patois said...

You're allowed to wear pajamasout and about, you know. Oh, right, you're not 14.

Bubba's Sis said...

I wear my pajamas to drive my kids to school every morning. Well, not now because it's summer. But I did.