Nervous Nellie

I am a creature of habit. I like my comfort zone. It makes me anxious if I have to stray from it. I firmly believe God dropped summer school in my lap. Because I believe that, I feel I had no choice but to accept the position even though working during the summer is not something I wanted to do. All last week, I was nervous about it. Will I get along with the teacher? Will the school be easy to navigate? What will parking be like? Will I love the kids as much as I love the kids I am used to working with? Will I be able to handle it? Will I know what the heck I am doing? Will I look stupid to the teacher? Ya'll, just be thankful you aren't Big D, bless his heart for supporting & encouraging me.

It's been 3 days now, 2 days with kids. The teacher is wonderful & sweet. The 1st day, when she found out I loved diet coke as much as she, she ran out to Sonic & came back with a Route 44 for each of us. We think alike. We were walking around the school & noticed a room marked as "Resource". We were commenting on how surprised we were that it was labeled & how the school could get sited for that. BTW, those not in the know, Resource is a special education department so that means Confidentiality with a big C. We decided to peek in the room to see how it was set up. Imagine our surprise & laughter when we saw it was a storage room filled with construction paper & other supplies! So, yeah, no worries about working with this teacher. I don't think I've come across as stupid to the her... yet. I'm not about to ask her!

I can find where I need to go in the school with no problem. Yesterday, parking was a little hectic, but I've adjusted my arrival time & now have no issues.

How could I even wonder if I would love these kids as much? It's like loving your first born & thinking you can never love this way again. Then your second born comes along and you realize you are capable of loving just as much. These kids are so fun & so precious. And one of them lives 2 doors down from me. I am hoping since the sessions are just 3 weeks each that the "honeymoon" period never ends.

I think I know what I'm doing. We haven't actually started the actual grouping yet (this is a reading summer school) as the teacher just finished up her testing. Tomorrow, that will start. I feel comfortable, right now, so that's good. I know I can handle this.

Fear of the unknown is one of my flaws. And, usually, it's all for naught.


Bubba's Sis said...

I'm so glad it's going well!! You have a special gift of teaching those children - a gift I admire. You are awesome, BFF!

Jamie Dawn said...

Fear can keep us from doing a lot of things.
It's great that you and the teacher click and that you adore the summer school students.
Keep up the great work!
You... stupid???
NO way!

Misty Dawn said...

Seriously D... are you sure we aren't twins, or at least sisters separated at birth? I'm sitting here reading your worries, your nervousness, and 'your flaws' (according to you) and you sound exactly like me talking about myself!!! Wow - Yeah, I can totally relate.

D... said...

Thanks ladies! Ya'll rock!