The One Where She Runs Off to Join the Circus

I am going to confess something right here, right now. The kids & I really enjoy this show called Celebrity Circus. It's some kind of cheesy fun! They do Flying Silk, trapeze, high wire, Spanish Web, & the Wheel of Death, just to name a few. While watching, Lamb is constantly saying, "Oh, that looks FUN!" She says joining the circus is better than joining the carnival. OOOO!

We also watch another show with Big D called She's Got the Look. During one episode, the contestants had a challenge at a trapeze school in NYC. Lamb again said, "Oh, that looks like FUN!"

Because she expressed an interest, Big D checked out the trapeze school. It's affordable and they have an opening while we are there. On July 8th, for 2 hours, Lamb will be flying through the air with the greatest of ease!

Bear is less than happy about it.


Bubba's Sis said...

Now THAT is awesome!!!! Go Lamb!!

coastie bro said...

man that does sound like fun.

hey you should catch a soccer match while you are in the big city.

Melissa said...

Tell Bear that I feel his pain! I think Lamb is very lucky... that will be awesome! Take LOTS of pictures!

Well Behaved Krissy said...

Hey! I'm glad yotu came to visit via Bubba's Sis. :) Hope you'll hang around more soon. :)

So cute. I wanna join the circus!

Misty Dawn said...

Yay Lamb! I hope you have an absolute blast!

Stacey said...

Lamb, how fun! You' something blue on your face, tho!

jenny said...

We watched that circus show last week. I thought it was entertaining! Very cool that there's a trapeze school nearby!
Have a great week!

Gretchen said...

Good for her! Ah to be young and fearless again.

Jamie Dawn said...

How exciting!! I'm sure Lamb is going to have a blast.
Big D is such a good daddy for checking out the trapeze school and giving Lamb this opportunity.
I hope you take some pictures!

Linda - Nickers and Ink said...

As a parent of preteens, I can SO relate. ;-)

Cute pic.

WINGING IT, at Practically at Home

Anonymous said...

Cool! I wonder if it's the same school SJP went to in that SATC episode? Take lots and lots of pics!


Jenny 865-53oh9 said...

You guys are the coolest parents EVER!!! I wanted to do that when I was her age and my folks just rolled their eyes at me.

Good luck, Lamb!!!