End of the Week in Pictures

So, Thursday, I decided I Could.Not.Stand.My.Hair.One.Moment.Longer. I had roots galore, frizz galore, & no shape. It was UGH for people to have to lay eyes on me. I high-tailed it to the hair cutting place and got it chopped off. I wish I had taken a picture of the pile of hair when the stylist was finished. It feels sooo much better. Ahhhh.
Lamb has been instructed to clean her room. She's been working on it for TWO weeks. She has dreams of painting it (light orange with pink polka dots) & getting a hammock bed. Her daddy agreed to the painting but not the new bed, yet. Instead, we are going to dismantle her monstrosity of a loft bed. In order to do all of that, her room must be clean. To keep her company & to be her task master, Bear has been hanging out in her room.
Last night was the Disney premiere of Camp Rock. We had the Bubba's Sis Family over to watch it with us. BFF called & told Lamb to come up with a rocker look for the occasion. Here is her look:
We had a lot of fun & really enjoyed the movie. Those Jonas Brothers! Sigh.


Anonymous said...

Love, love, love your new do! It looks so cool and comfy for summer! BTW, is that Cleo I see behind you?


Jamie Dawn said...

Rock on!!
My kids' rooms look like tornadoes hit them.

Your haircut is so cute! YOU are so cute!!
I have a hair appt this Wed. I am SO ready for it!

Stacey said...

Sassy! (add a little sass to that sassy comment, would ya?)

I seriously love it--you look too young to drive, let along have children, no lie!

I love you, I loved being in your city, and am home at last!!! (((((YOU)))))

Bubba's Sis said...

We sure had a blast last night at Camp Rock with ya'll! Lamb's rocker look is too cool!

D... said...

Thanks ya'll for the compliments! I appreciate them & ya'll!

Yep, Lisa, that's Cleo behind me. She's never too far from me these days!

Melissa said...

thanks for a good laugh! your life cracks me up. love the pic of bear. also love the hair cut. it's going to be time soon for me to chop mine again. you'll be my inspiration.

Jenny 865-53oh9 said...

I have missed SO much on your blog...hate that.

Your new look is GREAT! It's a perfect summer cut and is VERY flattering on you. I got my hair done a few weeks ago (shorter bob), but haven't taken a picture yet (blew out the flash on my camera!)